Top 10 most corrupt cities in the United States.

Top 10 most corrupt cities in the United States.

What is going on everyone? Have you ever
done some shady stuff? If you’re a politician and your name’s not Jimmy
Carter the answer is probably yes. Politics and corruption always have
seemed to go together like peas and carrots, like movies and popcorn, like
poor decision-making and Jagermeister like you get the idea political
corruption isn’t just in Washington DC with the president members of Congress
and senator type thing no we’ve seen police officers indicted elected city
officials hauled off in handcuffs influence-peddling operations with
politicians reaching all new lows that’s just in the last few years if you’re
looking for signs of corruption you need to start with budget shortfalls rumors
of nepotism corrupt police departments and city officials going on vacations
with real estate developers because we all know millionaires like to hang out
with dudes that make $30,000 a year working at the city’s planning office
anyway those are just a couple of the warning signs with all the nonsense
going on in the world of politics I thought this would be a fitting subject
this week before we get rolling there’s something you should all understand I
mean we should all just understand it both sides of the aisle are guilty of
nonsense it’s just the way it is it’s just the way it’s always been the only
difference is what side of that nonsense are you on so what was the methodology
for this list that’s an easy question I look to the city that has a lot of
experience in shady politicians Chicago University of Chicago Illinois did a
study in early 2019 with data from 2016 17 18 and came up with stats charts and
opinions on what cities in the United States are the most corrupt here’s that
list of shame number 10 Las Vegas if you didn’t know
about Las Vegas and corruption you probably don’t pay much attention to the
news especially and for that I’m kind of jealous I wish I didn’t pay as much
attention to the news it’s kind of depressing anyway after a three-year FBI
investigation Las Vegas councilman Ricky Barlow pleaded guilty to fraud charges
and resigned his seat in January of 2018 the Barlow investigation is as you can
imagine the tip of a very large iceberg in Las Vegas after the mass shooting by
some coward in Vegas a couple years back the FBI also uncovered some shady ways
of doing things by the local law enforcement agency
in Vegas including Las Vegas cops actually arresting someone who called to
report police brutality he witnessed on the streets in 2017 I got a sucks it’s
not the guy you’re supposed to be arresting number nine
Newark New Jersey now this one might seem like something out of a fictional
cop drama movie type thing but I assure you it is not the City of Newark had 442
corruption convictions between the years 2000 and 2014
that’s convictions not just accused they were convicted how does a city with a
population of around 280,000 hit so many corruption convictions do they do like a
two-day class on how to do shady stuff and rip off your constituents and nobody
showed up for day two which teaches you about how not to get caught the
watershed scandal exposed in 2016 actually blew local observers away with
the brazenness of this illegal operation this whole thing was just a bunch of
people in charge of various things apparently trying to outdo each other to
see who’s the biggest scumbag speaking of scumbags in New Jersey two of
Governor Chris Christie’s aides got federal prison time in 2017 for their
role in the Bridgegate corruption scandal and then in 2018 the US
Attorney’s Office took another guilty plea when a political fundraiser Neuer
admitted to wire fraud and tax evasion Newark is as corrupt as ever in 2019 I
am sure number eight Los Angeles California
since the turn of the century Los Angeles has posted five hundred and
seven corruption convictions and that alone gets them on this list they would
have been higher but they have like ten times as many people ten times as many
politicians and ten times as many departments than say Newark New Jersey
in number nine so the per capita saves them from being much higher on this list
if you go all the way back to the 1920s you probably be shell-shocked reading
all the crap people running the City of Angels have tried to pull off and fail
that I grew up in Los Angeles in the 80s and 90s and I always remember some sort
of corruption scandal going on then you have the LAPD which has made great
strides in the right direction in the last 20 years or so still got a long way
to go by most people’s accounts the days of letting in the cops who beat Rodney
King go free are a distant memory but clearly there are problems
city officials need to get a handle on everyone in LA hates the DMV
even more so when they found out the DMV officials were taking bribes most of the
people were pissed off they didn’t know there was a bribe system in place that
could have got them to the head of the line to renew their license ask anyone
who grew up in Los Angeles and they will tell you the DMV is an all-day affair of
suckage for the most minor things oh and Compton’s Mayer was found guilty
of corruption and sent to jail la has a long way to go number seven New Orleans
the corruption and the Big Easy is legendary they’ve made movies and
written books about it several of each really the whole state Louisiana is
pretty much bad when the New Orleans FBI director left his post in late 2017 he
summed up corruption in the Big Easy like this it can’t get much worse he
cited that the lack of term limits for sheriffs and District Attorney’s as
hallmarks for bad government the 334 convictions for various types of
corruption since 2000 sort of proves the FBI director was right to New Orleans
cops went to jail in November of 2018 for bribery and conspiracy convictions
and they won’t be the last they’re kind of going through a housecleaning type
thing so to speak we’ll see how that all works out here in the next couple years
number six New York City corruption convictions go
back to the early 1800s in New York City like New Orleans so many movies have
been filmed and books have been written about the corruption in New York City
they almost take pride in it for some reason how sad is that the New York City
Police Department corruption scandals over the years have always kept a city
in the top ten of most corrupt cities in 2017 the city watch has two cops and a
former prosecutor got arrested for bribery scheme involving gun permits in
2018 a Brooklyn Assemblymember got hit with an 11 count indictment from the FBI
New York has gotten better in recent years but it’s gonna take generations
for them to change such a corrupt system even New York City street parking is
preposterous ly corrupt that’s what one post said that could be a great scary
movie you know if you think about it I want to do the voice-over for the
trailer know when meter maids go bad you’ll see what happens when you go one
minute over at the wrong parking meter this parking enforcement doesn’t play
nice they’ll even check your car insurance bite the head off your Geico
gecko bobblehead doll and spit it back at you yeah it’s that bad in New York
City they’re going after the Geico gecko number five Houston Texas while places
like Los Angeles in New York had slowed their pace on corruption cases by
2013 Houston I guess didn’t want to look like quitters and they went full steam
ahead in a single year Texas Southern District posted 83 convictions most of
any city in the United States one year they don’t seem to be slowing down
either Steve Stockman who is a former Republican House member from Texas he
was indicted on 28 criminal charges in 2017 Stockman faced charges from
stealing hundreds thousands dollars from charities money laundering wire fraud
and conspiracy when he was arrested by FBI agents Stockman tried to board a
plane to the arab emirate he was sentenced to ten years in the big house
number 4 Baltimore Maryland Baltimore is a city on the mend a lot of people see
it as turning around within the next five to ten years and if you know where
they’ve been in the last three or four decades
you know that’s saying something if you go simply by the number of corruption
convictions in the recent decades Baltimore isn’t that bad however the
magnitude of the corruption events is like when the FBI exposed the police
department corruption in 2018 a sergeant pled guilty to racketeering and other
federal crimes while a local businessman involved in the same case got 11
indictments for money laundering there’s also planning of evidence all
kinds of nasty stuff in there meanwhile while this is going on the entire police
department is still reeling from the guns trace task force a scandal that
could have been on an episode of any gritty cop show in a 2016 investigation
the US Department of Justice found that the Baltimore Police Department was
abusive and corrupt on multiple levels they had widespread racism at every
stage of its enforcement and a constant source of constitutional right
violations the Justice Department explained that these practices have
eroded the community’s trust that is critical to the effectiveness of
policing the US attorney on the case described the group as both cops and
robbers at the same time they were basically preying on the citizens and
the more you read about that case it just gets worse I read about 30 minutes
on the gun trace task force that part alone and it was bad it was bad but in
January of last year 2018 the mayor of Baltimore announced that she was firing
the City Police Commissioner Kevin Davis Davis’s successor Darryl deed de Sousa
sailed through the confirmation process and he was put in as the police
commissioner for about a month and then he had resigned because they’ve realized
he had been paying as taxes number three Detroit no
one is considered Detroit a pillar of good honest government in a very long
time if ever but Detroit didn’t make the University of Illinois Chicago’s top ten
most corrupt cities in 2015 that’s good 2015 they weren’t on the list they were
on the straight and narrow they had pulled it together and they became a
shiny beacon of hope and prosperity for one year it was nice while it lasted but
in 2016 they went back on the list since then things have taken a serious turn
for the worst the FBI’s massive citywide corruption
probe netted 12 convictions and charges against 19 different people as of
December of 2018 and apparently they’re still working on others the FBI agents
spent years listening to phone calls from more than a dozen people including
some politicians businessmen as part of this widening investigation into public
corruption in the Metro Detroit area those are all according to sealed
federal documents now if they’re sealed how do we know about it how did I get
this information I didn’t break any laws it was on a website really strange I
thought sealed means we’re not supposed to know about it anyway six Detroit cops
were indicted on extortion charges that same month that they arrest all these
people I guess they’re trying to get attention away from how many vacant lots
they have in Detroit google map Detroit it’s scary how many vacant lots they
have so many people just up and bailed on this city and abandoned their homes
the city had to start knocking down the homes because people were squatting in
them and just setting them on fire sometimes as if Detroit hasn’t had
enough hurdles over the years they get a bunch of a-holes that are supposed to be
working on a fix instead they’re doing a bunch of shady stuff sad number two
Chicago at number two we have the city of Chicago that carries the nickname the
Windy City the origins of Chicago’s famous nickname aren’t entirely clear
the most obvious explanation is that it comes from the frigid breeze that blows
off Lake Michigan and sweeps through the city streets however another popular
theory is that it was coined in reference to Chicago politicians who
were said to be full of hot air to everyone you prefer I like the
politician one if you want to go back and look at the history of political
corruption you would be wise to start with Chicago it goes on way before Al
Capone but this would be the most famous era of Chicago corruption the FBI
actually had to bring in an outsider named Eliot Ness the story’s been told
million times so in case you never heard it or if
you’ve heard it the FBI brought in an outsider named Eliot Ness to go after
the Chicago Outfit led by Al Capone with the corruption of the Chicago law
enforcement agents at an epidemic status Ness went through the records of all
probation agents to create a reliable team initially of six and eventually
grown to about ten or twelve people they they were called the untouchables they
did a really good movie with Kevin Costner a great movie watch it if you
want to complete a count of one year in big city corruption take a look at 2016
University of Illinois Chicago’s report on Chicago you’ll find false medical
billing planted evidence prison bribes aldermen heading to jail and every other
crime you’d expect in infamously corrupt town not much has changed in the past
few years far too many elected officials have seen
life inside a prison as I write this one of Illinois Governor sits in jail for
corruption he was trying to sell Barack Obama’s seat I talked about this in a
video just recently but hey they ain’t the worst and number one Washington DC
the District of Columbia got the nickname the swamp for a reason and has
nothing to do with the fact my cousin calls his ex-wife the swamp witch now
the study that I got most of this information from put Washington DC at
number one because of various events and convictions in the Washington DC metro
area but they really focused on what has been going on in big boy politics called
the federal government the study was about what’s happening now last three
years or so that’s how they do it every year it’s what’s going on the last three
years so it was pointing a lot of fingers to the current administration
sure they’ve had a bad run of things people are going to jail and things like
that but really it’s nothing new this has been going on forever they just
happen to be the ones sitting in the seat this year all administration’s all
political parties do the same shady stuff it’s just a different angle this
time that’s all it is in a couple years maybe one maybe five years from now DC
will be on the list with a new cast of characters
I guarantee but yeah Washington DC is currently considered the most corrupt
city in the United States for 2019 good go in DC alright so that is my top 10 most
corrupt cities in the United States hope you guys enjoy the list hope you got
some information out of it uh it’s a weird world we live in
corruptions been going on since before the Roman days I’m sure I’m not a
historian but I’m sure it was around back then I’m sure it was around when
people were living in freaking caves anyway don’t forget all the links below
leave me a comment tell me we thought don’t forget to give the video big
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  1. Here's a good one for you. Years ago in Indio, CA I believe there were nine witness against 3 officers with physical evidence against 3 of them. The main one mentioned with physical evidence last name was Barnes or Burns. They gave the officer 3 months off with pay while they investigated them for Gang raping women in jail. They had reworded it when they put it in the Desert Sun, and it was also posted later on some web site called "Bad Cops No Donuts" or something like that. The one officer with the last name Barnes or Burns came back and got a promation, and nothing was dont to them. I was looking online trying to find it, but I have not found a link yet. Can you be any more corrupt than that?

  2. If ANY politician is suspected of corruption they should be hung in the town square for no less than 7 days. You wouldn't believe what this would do to straighten out the problems of corruption. OH, by the way, that isn't hung by the neck, that is hung face down by the thighs.

  3. They forgot Seattle Washington! The entire Democratic government has been robbing the state forever. The Governor, AG, Mayors All the biggest shit bags on the planet! If they audited the state they would all be in jail. Democrats are the most brainwashed shit bags on the planet.

  4. My hometown of Anchorage Alaska should be number one because the city government are all crooks and the cops are really the mafia of the whole state .

  5. ….the first job for most politicians after being first elected is to be re-elected….some politicians are so full of themselves they believe the world cannot function without them in office so why would they seek to pass term limit legislation?….an example is the recently deceased John Dingell, a Deathocrat from Michigan, who I believe was in the House of Representatives for 60 years!!!!….that's pathetic….his wife is currently serving in that seat and before Dingell, his father held that seat for, I believe, 20 years…..the power of incumbency is very strong and trying to unseat an entrenched official is usually impossible….btw, how many of these cities are Republican strongholds?…..just curious…..

  6. In NYC you are lucky if the meter maid speaks english. I saw one eyeing my ride with bad intent. I walked up to him and say “hey is my car ok? do i need to move it?” He replied in broken english “no, no car ok”. I come back a 15 minutes later and theres a ticket on my window. The part that got me was my ticket was marked “car unattended”. I really need to brush up on my Urdu so I can bribe these guys.

  7. You can guess them. Here is the list to save you some time.
    10 Los Vegas, NV
    09 Newark, NJ
    08 Los Angeles, CA
    07 New Orleans, LA
    06 New York City, NY
    05 Houston, TX
    04 Baltimore, MD
    03 Detroit, MI
    02 Chicago, IL
    01 Washington, D.C. Surprise!

  8. Please don't cite Hollywood movies for historical accuracy. That guy that Ness tossed off the courthouse? Frank Nitti? Didn't happen. The guy committed suicide in a suburb of Chicago.

  9. After watching I have to wonder WHY skyscrapers are built on the very edges of water? I'm not a geologist but all the weight right on the edge of water??? Gee…js

  10. "Civics was a class that used to be

    required before you could graduate

    from high school you were taught

    what was in U.S Constitution.

    "And after all the student rebellions

    in the Sixties,Civics was banished

    from the student curriculum and was

    replaced by social studies. here we

    live in a country that has a fabulous

    constitution and all these guarantees

    a contract between the citizens and the

    government nobody knows what's in it

    "and so,if you don't know what your

    rights are, how can you stand up for

    them? and furthermore,if you don't

    know what's in the document, how can

    you care if someone is shredding it?"

  11. Everyone is corrupt after they become an adult, before adulthood all behaviour was ok because you were a kid , now your an adult your corrupt because if you believe in your education no one is perfect or is it practice makes perfect any hoo your corrupt if your an adult

  12. Hah! Ci ering up premedutated murder of a sittung U.S. Congressman, Leo, judge Haley and dozens of law enfircement murders as well as terrorist bombings and kidnappings. Slimeball Carter trading the White House in a deal to go along with my murdering embezzling thieving uncles to pardon and pass off a criminally impersonating half-sister as my mom. Responsible with his partners in the murder of Federal Prosecutor Tom Wales who was preparing to indict despuye the threats and screaming fight by his biss and coworker Jenny to try and firce him to drop the case. Seal scamming cover for terrorist kidnapping hostage holding inheritance and military DIC theft.

  13. Ventura California should be on the list, and it would be great to have a list of the top 1000 least corrupt but don't know where to find that.

  14. What Briggs so now you're just posting radom fat chicks and claiming that this is your
    cousin's ex-wife AKA the women the DUMPED YOU then broke your heart NOT COOL dude.

    You know you're just going to have to find a new woman some day come on Briggs you CAN do it.

  15. Blago isn't in jail for so long because he tried to sell a Senate seat, that couldn't be sold… He is in the can because the people in charge had an ax to grind with him. It was a personal sentence. Not a Just one.

  16. I can agree with Houston. Our current Major, Major Turner, is very corrupt. We even voted for raises for firefighters and he used tax money to hire lawyers to fight what we voted for. He used toll road money for other toll roads. A direct violation and misuse of toll road money. He denied city citizens basic city services like Trash service.

  17. All Democrat run cities, which isn't surprising because pretty much all big cities are run by Democrats. Even in the solidly Republican states, the big cities are run by Democrats.

  18. Your study seems to determine corruption based on convictions of government officials committing crimes. Think how bad the corruption would be without the convictions. Convictions show that all theses criminals are not getting away with their crimes. If there were no convictions the corruption would be much worse but your stats would show no corruption at all because your study only shows corruption based on convictions. Maybe some mid-sized cities and towns have little or no arrests or convictions but have a lot more white collar and political corruption than the cities you mention. Your study would show those cities have little political corruption even if it was out of control. Also, what is the dominant political party of the mayor and city council of the cities you mentioned? That can give a clue to what the problem is.

  19. Both sides have liars, cheats and criminals. The difference is that Democrats teach cheating and make it part of the official way they do business. Every now and then a rogue Republican gets caught and it's usually when the media needs something to distract from the latest Democrat scandal.

  20. The "Arab Emirate?" This guy is so ignorant, he doesn't even know the name of the country he's talking about (United Arab Emirates or UAE). He's a typical Democrat shill and stooge.

  21. Chicago is a Native American word meaning "smells like onions." This is an easily found fact. WOW, this guy is ignorant! This folks, is why you can't believe most of what comes out of the mouths of Democrats. They work off of the ignorance of their audience.

  22. Forgot Tallahassee FL, Gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum was caught up in FBI investigation along with several other Commissioners.

  23. Huh. I was pretty sure no other city could beat Chicago in corruption. I had forgotten about the DC Swamp for just a little while.

  24. LBJ once said that Detroit would be the shining example of the Great Society. If only he know how right he was.

    Edited to add: I was in Chicago in September and it struck me as a place where the people are friendly and actually rather polite. We flew in and didn't even rent a car because the public transportation system is first-rate. Had a wonderful time seeing the Cubs at Wrigley and would highly recommend Chicago for a visit.

  25. Why isn't Michigan City, Indiana on the list? The mayor's son got arrested for drugs; the mayor told the police department to stop cooperating with the county drug task force; the police chief and two assistant chiefs resign in protest.

  26. Trumptards; the dems!! the dems!! All these cities had republicans mayor every so often. All politicians and BUSINESSES are currupt morons!! And trump is just the most current scumbag to ne in office

  27. Why is every idiot on Earth so convinced a businessperson in a 5K suit will not lie to you and steal from them just as much as any politician?
    I guess it is just another mystery of the Universe.

  28. And now in the state of Illinois if you want to fly from Chicago to California you will need a state i.d can't use youre drivers license any more. We are the only state that does this. Smh

  29. Pennsylvania Luzerne county Wilkes Barre Scranton city ,Harrisburg , Philadelphia.and they want more there is one more teachers union.

  30. All east of the Mississippi Rive, except Las Vegas, a city founded by and run by East Coast mobsters. Greetings from Seattle, a city so clean that it squeaks if you rub it.

  31. Hawaii should be on this list, the Chief of HPD and his wife who is in charge of the prosecutor's office being arrested on scandals and corruption led by the FBI. Other cops have been arrested as well but bcuz Hawaii is an island its a little harder to smuggle things in if u didn't go through these guys. You should look into it they could make a movie from this

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