Trump Attempts To Serve As His Own Clean-Up Crew As Impeachment Closes In | Deadline | MSNBC

Trump Attempts To Serve As His Own Clean-Up Crew As Impeachment Closes In | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. Republicans did this, they enabled him, they defended him, they covered up for him, they payed him money thru bribes. Republicans.

  2. Oh my God, he's like that insane weird uncle that everyone hates to be around! Just waiting for him to shut up and leave. Congress it's time for you to show him the door. Impeach! Imprison! Throw away the key.

  3. American's would have never allowed the last President to get away with anything Donald Trump has done and/or attempted to do Period! But anyway just let him keep talking, he's his own worst enemy and it's his Mouth and Actions that have done him in.

  4. When people are desperate for change and drowning, they grab onto any passing log that floats (or looks like it can). Our government is corrupt and disfunctional to the 100th degree! These are the times (due to desperation and inability to trust ANYONE) that we are in danger of allowing radical people to take over. It's the reason that Trump sits in the White House today. I'm Cuban and this is the exact story of Cuba when Castro took over. People were desperate to get rid of Batista. "They couldn't do any worse", they would say….. Guess what? Look where they are now!

    Do you want the United States to become a dictatorship? It can't happen? Really? Look at Venezuela!

    The United States is in danger of falling WAY to the left. Not that the far right is all that great either – EXTREMES are never good. We need to find balance… Clean house… Stop voting for a party and start voting for the person and his/her ideals. Does he/she match your personal ideals, then vote for that person. If he/she does not match your own ideals, then don't vote for him/her….

  5. It is pretty obvious that Erdogan has Trump in his pocket, and can do anything he wants in Syria without fear of any US reaction. The only question is WHY he has suchh control.
    Was Trump involved with that Turkish-Iranian gold dealer who was laundering money to bypass the Iranian sanctions, and hired Giuliani as lawyer? (Trump loves gold…)

  6. Nicolle : "We're showing it to you
    to illustrate his delusions not amplify them. Consider yourself warned"

    Me : Yikes!

  7. 53 republican senators jobs are on the line. Be a true, honest, US agent of this great country or a complete puppet of this corrupt president. Putin puppets.

  8. Suicide by LYNCHING himself as he, TURN coats on himself with his DAILY CHAOS and screaming…. I'm a crook, me ,TRUMP and I am Guilty of Treason."

  9. Get a load of the liar and chief calling the law"phony" . He got caught and now he's complaining.. oh that foot in his mouth sure is real, not phony !

  10. Do you realize that if you hooked him up to a lie detector that the results would show absolutely no deception? He thinks everything that he's saying is true. He is completely delusional. As Tony Shwarz, (Art of Deal) author points out, he generates his own reality and then believes it to be fact. It's the damnedest thing.

  11. I think the hardest thing Trump will have to deal with in the future is the straight jacket restricting his ability to wave his tiny hands around while he tilts at windmills… and that nobody will be in his padded cell to listen to this deranged gibberish.

  12. Seems like 45 approaches the presidency the same way a bad husband treats a wife, the kids always pay the price, in this case literally! We are subsidizing this freeloading gaslighting self serving glutton. And his buddies!

  13. Trump literally has to be THE most narscissistic human being on earth at the moment running the most powerful country in the world . This is so dangerous

  14. It is hard for a petulant child who is whining and throwing a tantrum to look strong and in control. He is more likely to pee his pants.


  16. This is a dark time in our history. The Republicans allowing Russia to interfer in our election. Moscow Mitch has Russian money in his pockets.

  17. Finally he will be gone soon, his presidency was a scam from day one. Impeach and remove, then investigate the S.A for further interference in the M.E. he has weaken the foreign policy even more and has created a panic for GLOBAL financial break down.RECESSION is coming and the poor once again will have to carry the burdens place upon them, by the Agent of CHAOS, which his base isn't ready to accept, once he keeps instilling in them to HATE is POWER. If Lin-Gra could finally wake up and see this MANchild is unfit, we all can see it. ✌ ☝

  18. Just one time i wish trump could address the American public without telling lie after lie after lie. This man is so delusional and he treats us all like we are utterly clueless.

  19. Somebody should have asked Trump when he was able to make 2-5 n $ in a Timespan of4-8 Years in his former Life or even in his whole lifetime.The worst Businessmen ever meant he could have lost 2-5 Billion if he would not be President.

  20. “Trump attempts to serve as his own clean-up crew as impeachment closes in”…….
    The title makes your bias crystal clear! That’s not journalism! I genuinely want to be informed, not given a pre-formed opinion!!!
    I’m very curious about this whole process and it’s difficult to find a lot facts because they’re all wrapped up in opinions and sensationalism.
    What do I do? Do I just listen to NPR and wait for the subject to come around? Do I watch MSNBC and Fox News and then meditate to find the middle ground???
    I think we need a state sponsored news organization here in America, like the BBC. This level of journalism is shameful. I guess I’ll copy and paste this into every other news outlet’s comment section now lol.

  21. Why are republicans taking this long to remove this man. Republican conservatives are the opposite idealogy of this con man you can tell right away its a lie what's coming out of he's mouth, example this threaty with Turkey he said everyone is happy with this deal the kurds are happy turkey but the happiest of all putting. The kurds he sacrifice to make he's investors happy. Its all about him he's followers have no clue

  22. Our military & allies are being jerked around & it’s not okay. This is disastrous & if the Republican Party doesn’t denounce him & get him out of office, they will lose every Centralist & true independent out there. I’m not far left or far right. Both are dangerous but we can’t let the fear of what could happen blind us to what is happening. We need some bipartisan effort to show the world that we do not run & hide nor do we condone the lawlessness this POTUS has created.

  23. This myth that 20 Republicans need to vote to remover Trump is just false and has no basis in the US Constitution. Impeachment and removal under Art 1 Sec 3 US Constitution clearly states: “The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all impeachments… no Person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two thirds of the Members present.” Art 1 Sec 5 Clause 2 provides that each House [of Congress] “ may determine the Rules of its Proceedings.” An Impeachment and its prior investigations are a proceeding as set forth under Art 1 Sec 5 and are conducted under rules approved by the House of Representatives without input from either the President or the federal Courts. Also to conduct business (which includes both Impeachment and the Trial in the Senate) Art 1 Sec US Constitution states “A Majority of each Members [Senators shall constitute a Quorum to do Business.” Impeachment Trials are themselves Business of the Senate and thus a Removal vote only requires a Quorum be present, thus 51 Senators must be Present for the removal vote not the entire membership and only two thirds of those members Present for the vote is required under Art 1 Sec 3 US Constitution to remove POTUS from office instead of two thirds of the entire membership. The Impeachment Trial thus only requires a simple majority Present 51 Senators to hold a constitutionally legal vote which would require every Democrat plus 4 Republicans be present for a valid quorum. To convict strictly under the US Constitution only 34 votes would be required for removal which equals two thirds of a Quorum absent any Senate rules governing Impeachment Trials. The 4 Republicans in the Senate could vote against conviction and removal at the end of the Impeachment Trial and POTUS could be constitutionally removed by a strictly partisan vote of only Democrats as long as the other Republicans Senators did not attend the vote.

  24. Lindsey, show you a crime? Here you go.
    Napolitano: President Trump Obstructed Justice.
    Napolitano: Trump's admitted contact with Ukraine is a crime.

  25. will those 53 Republican Senators serve the country or their party? That will define the Republican party for the next 100 years. There's still a chance for them to come clean, by upholding the constitution and the oath they took when they got elected.

  26. his supporters aren't, we who don't support him should be very aware.there are those of them that are dangerous to us as a person. trump is crazy, but so was hilter, remember how that turned out.

  27. It's not that the USA is becoming a banana republic, more that the USA could be vastly improved by electing a real banana as the next president.

  28. When history tells its story I wonder if they will tell the truth about how weak and spineless The Congress Of The United States really was?

  29. Zionist Evangelical backed criminal Enterprise 😂 the new revised Machiavellian edition of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Gospel of lies, corruption and betrayal

  30. Republicans who continue to support Trump at this point are equally guilty of every crime he is. IMPEACH THEM ALL!!!

  31. There will NEVER be a vote of impeachment in the Senate. Now, the solemn task of the House is to list ALL of the crimes of this POTUS. A clear and unequivocal pathway must be laid forth regarding his motives (i.e., Putin). These are the times to provide the labors of service and responsibility to history. Historians and school children that study the Trump presidency must be provided the full context of his crimes and abuses. In the future, there WILL be attempts to whitewashing his actions, particularly in history books published in Texas.

  32. GOP sales its self as having strong religious and family values….Why then are they so willing to sale there soul for a lie?

  33. Are Trump and his supporters finally beginning to realize that no lie, no deflection, no attempt to normalize Trump's crimes, will prevent him from being impeached?

  34. Will MSNBC be pushing for impeachment in Jan 2025 in the leadup to Donald Trump Jnr becoming President after 8 years of Trump as President? Will it be "Impeach for four more years!" Democrats 2020?

  35. Most people hate him a man that give money to the rich is not living for God he is living for satan because the bible say help the poor

  36. Why do you pervert the news? you say these people are going behind closed doors to speak to democratic investigators feeding the narrative that there are no republicans in these closed door senate hearings? Why? Why to you create false lines of defense that the republicans then parrot. These same witnesses are questioned by the Republicans in these hearing s and you know that is a fact. But you pretend like the republican talking points of only democrats are there is true. Why?

  37. Trump is a racist him and his daddy was back in the 1973 and one thing about a racist the older they get the more they become racist and bitter

  38. Where is the topic and storyline in his insane monologue? It sounds more like a complaint that “everybody is against me”… nothing proactive or presidential about that.

  39. Other presidents where rich not very rich , same sentence , George Washington was considered VERY RICH. Impeach this know nothing already.

  40. The turtle is the biggest POS in the senate. In the House: Devin "beady-eyed midnight uberer" Nunes, Gym "I love touching boys" Jordan and Matt "punch the perpetual smirk off my face" Gaetz.

  41. Seriously? A " lawyer friend of his" said it was a perfect call?? Rrrrrrriiight… Sure, a friend.. He's ridiculous.. You don't step on the Constitution like that.. It's not phony you uneducated moron!! I'm wondering if secret service, since Presidents get them for multiple years after, will guard Trump while in prison 🤔

  42. Honestly the President has no idea of the jumbo entanglement he is in. Unfortunately too many things have accumulated, bubbled, and definitely exploded beyond belief of what is supposed to be, that of upholding the constitution and trust of the US population.

  43. …It, by Constitutional Diction, is not sane to remove Education from the United States Society by any person with the means to do so and or receive a salary. Therefore, Education has rights as a Corporation of Didactics.

  44. The magnitude of Public participation in this process process may well result in "we the people" actually, for the first time, removing this… "individual"… from office… as designed; theoretically giving evidence to the true function of Congress (specifically noting the function of the Senate and Supreme Court Justice)

  45. This is the most scary time I have lived through. It's become clear that allowing all the money to be stolen by the rich and big business was a very bad idea.

  46. The Evangelical Christian Republican that has 5 kids with 3 women is our Moral leader ! Mulvaney admitted quid pro quo on national TV and now its: FAKE NEWS"

  47. He'll absolutely be impeached. Did he really think there was any chance that he wouldnt? Its going to come down to the Republicans deciding how deep down the hole theyre willing to go

  48. Impeach that criminal, disgusting that trump ever represented America…HE represents nothing or no one in America. I just feel sad for the people who voted for him, they have to live with, what destruction trump has created in his short time in office.

  49. If Trump has nothing to hide from Americans why confiscate the note takers notes why do this if he has nothing to hode

  50. So far what has been made public are impeachable crimes and we have over 52% of the public wanting trump impeached and removed. The House Committees know more that will come out when the Senate has to put trump on trial. It will get worse for trump and he know he is SCREWED.

  51. Hello fellow humanity destroyers.You might want to look around the world at the 30 massive riots going on due to your commie policies.Btw where is that Russian collusion.Oh its in Ukraine now.Next will be Iran

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