Trump Declares Himself Above the Constitution: A Closer Look

Trump Declares Himself Above the Constitution: A Closer Look

-The White House is now
threatening to obstruct the impeachment inquiry and refusing to cooperate
with subpoenas. For more on this,
it’s time for “A Closer Look.” ♪♪ As a candidate for president, Trump echoed years of
empty Republican rhetoric about the sanctity
of our Constitution and claimed that he wanted
to restore the values enshrined by the founding fathers,
although, as always, it was clear that he had no idea
what he was talking about. -It’s all about the Constitution
of — of — And — And so important. The Constitution
the way it was meant to be. The mainstream media wants to surrender
our Constitution. I feel very strongly
about our Constitution. I’m proud of it. I love it. And I want to go through
the Constitution — That’s what we want to do. I mean, we want to bring
the Constitution back. -What — What do you mean,
bring it back? It didn’t go anywhere. He talks about the Constitution like it’s a college student
who took a gap year and now wants to stay
in Barcelona because it met someone. “Come back, Constitution. Katarina is only
gonna break your heart.” Now, the impeachment inquiry
currently happening in the House isn’t just an investigation
of President Trump’s many corrupt abuses of power. It’s also a test of our system
in which Congress is supposed to be a co-equal
branch of the government. And yesterday,
the Trump administration did its best
to undermine that system by declaring itself
above the law. -President Trump continuing
to stonewall House Democrats in their investigation efforts. The White House
sending a scathing letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
and House committees refusing to cooperate,
calling the impeachment inquiry illegitimate and
unconstitutional. -That’s right. Trump is
literally calling impeachment, a process which is laid out
in the Constitution, unconstitutional. He’s going to be so shocked if he ever reads
the Constitution one day. “Let’s see here. Oh, no! Oh, no! Oh, boy! [ Cheers and applause ] High crimes AND misdemeanors? I did both of those
this morning. Oh, there better not be anything
in here about golf. Oh, no!” This idea that impeachment
is somehow unconstitutional is an insane theory
that has been percolating on the right
for a few weeks now. Over the weekend, for example,
a Fox News guest suggested that Senate Majority Leader
Mitch McConnell should actually change the rules to, in his words,
protect the Constitution. -If I were the Senate
majority leader, I’d tell the House,
“This is dead on arrival. We’re changing the rules,
and we’re not going to follow up with an impeachment trial here. We’re not required to
under the Constitution. -But good ol’ Mitch McConnell
is all, “Yeah, yeah, they do. We’re gonna have to listen
to it. We’ll have a trial.” I mean, what’s up with that?! -Well, that’s —
Those are the current rules. They could change the rules
to protect the Constitution. -They literally want
to change the rules because they’re losing. It’s like if the Jets
were down 45-0 at halftime and said,
“We want to change the rules to let running backs have SUVs.” Also, you really —
you really got to respect Jeanine Pirro’s
hard-hitting question there. -What’s up with that?! -She’s like — She’s like an angry Fox News
version of Jerry Seinfeld. [as Seinfeld] “You ever notice
how the Constitution allows Congress to remove
a corrupt president? What’s the deal with that?!” [ “Seinfeld” bumper music
plays ] [ Cheers and applause ] Now, not only is this argument a threat to the very foundations
of democracy, it’s also incredibly dumb,
which, of course, undercuts the image Trump and his aides
love to project, that he’s some sort of
political mastermind who’s a genius
at manipulating the press. For example, here’s what
one senior Trump official had to say last week
about the President testing out different arguments to defend
himself against impeachment. That, for real, sounds like
a sixth-grade prank designed to get Trump to say the words
“I’m a master baker.” [ Laughter ] “Who? Me?
Are you guys talking about me? Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
I’m a big-time master baker. Sometimes twice in one day.” So, now Trump,
the monster baker, has settled on a strategy
of basically declaring himself above the Constitution,
and that’s because Trump is fundamentally
a thuggish authoritarian who thinks he can do
whatever he wants and even uses the language
of authoritarians whenever he talks about
his powers as president, whether it’s declaring
a national emergency
to build a border wall or asking foreign governments
to interfere in our elections. -He told “The New York Times”
tonight… “I have the absolute right
to do what I want to do with the Justice Department.” -I have the absolute right to
declare a national emergency. -I have an absolute right
to call national security. We need strong borders. -I do have an absolute right
to pardon myself. -No, you do not have
the absolute right to do whatever you want. Trump just likes
to say stuff like this because he loves stroking his
ego to make himself feel better. You know, he’s a master baker. So, where exactly
does Trump think he gets all these
magical powers from? Well, he keeps saying article II
of the Constitution, which outlines
the powers of the presidency, gives him license
to do whatever he wants. -Article II allows me
to do whatever I want. Then I have an Article II where I have the right to do
whatever I want as president, but I don’t even talk
about that. -Nobody ever mentions
Article II. It gives me all of these rights at a level that nobody
has ever seen before. We don’t even talk
about Article II. -Okay.
First of all, that’s wrong. Second, what do you mean,
no one ever talks about it? It’s the Constitution. He talks about
our nation’s founding document like it’s an underrated TV show. “Nobody ever talks
about Schitt’s Creek. You guys got to see it. It’s got some of
Catherine O’Hara’s best work.” Of course, we know that Trump
has never had even a hint of intellectual curiosity
about what the Constitution actually says when it comes to the powers of the president
or Congress. In fact, one of his former
aides, Sam Nunberg, once told a journalist
that it was his job during the campaign to educate
Trump on the Constitution but that he didn’t get very far before Trump stopped
paying attention. And I believe this story
because Trump always makes it very obvious when he’s bored. Just watch him
whenever he’s in a meeting and someone else is speaking.
He looks straight down and literally hugs himself
for comfort. “It’s okay. It’s okay. Soon the bad man who’s not you
will stop talking.” In fact, you can see the result of Trump’s nonexistent
attention span when he tries to repeat
details of stories that got dumped into
the polluted river of his brain and warped by all
that toxic sludge that’s just sloshing around
in there — like when he told a story on
Monday about a military briefing that made absolutely
no sense whatsoever. -When I took over our military,
we didn’t have ammunition. I was told by a top general,
maybe the top of them all. “Sir, I’m sorry, sir.
We don’t have ammunition.” I said I’ll never let
another president have that happen to him or her. We didn’t have ammunition. -Now, that was vaguely based
on something real. In early 2017, the military reportedly was worried
about a shortage of bombs, so sort of in the neighborhood
but not really close. The story got warped so badly
in Trump’s rotting brain that it turned into
an incoherent rant about a top general,
maybe the top of them all, coming to him and saying,
“We have no ammunition.” Like, first of all,
what do you mean he was a top general,
maybe the top of them all? He was either a top general
or he wasn’t. In the military,
there’s no gray area about who’s at the top. You don’t have to google it. “Well, according to TripAdvisor,
he’s number one, but Yelp says
he’s only three stars.” Second, can we hear — [ Cheers and applause ] Can we hear what this top
general supposedly said again? -“Sir, I’m sorry, sir.
We don’t have ammunition.” -That is not how generals talk.
He might have said, “Sir, we are currently experiencing
a shortage of ordinance.” But this dummy over here heard, “Sir, we don’t have
bullets, sir. We’ve been throwing kitchen
supplies at the enemy, sir. We got one guy out there running
around with a food processor. Sir, he hasn’t killed anyone, but he’s becoming
a real master baker.” [ Laughter ] So it’s not a surprise — It’s not a surprise that this is
the same self-obsessed idiot who thinks impeachment
is unconstitutional and insists he has the absolute
right to do whatever he wants. And now he’s
actively obstructing the impeachment inquiry. For example, yesterday, the White House blocked a key
player in the Ukraine scandal, an ambassador named Gordon
Sondland, from testifying. Now, Sondland came
to prominence last week after a series of damning new
text messages was released in which State Department
officials expressed concern to Sondland
about the quid pro quo Trump was dangling with Ukraine. Sondland was one of
the key players involved in that quid pro quo, and at one point
during the text exchanges, he realized
he should not be texting about this scandal at all. -On September 1st, the top
U.S. diplomat in Ukraine, Bill Taylor, texted the
U.S. ambassador to E.U., Gordon Sondland,
and writes this. -Oh, man.
Any time you text someone and they write back, “Call me,”
it is not good. It’s like if you texted
your fiancée, “Can’t wait
to get married tonight,” and they just wrote back,
“Call me,” you’d better find out if that
honeymoon sweet is refundable. So, naturally, the Democrats
want to interview Sondland as part of
the impeachment inquiry, but Trump is simultaneously
blocking Sondland from testifying
while also claiming that he would love
to let Sondland testify. -On Twitter,
the President insisted he would love to send
Ambassador Sondland to testify, but, unfortunately,
he would be testifying before a totally compromised
kangaroo court. -I’m sorry. You’re calling them
a kangaroo court? You’re the one who literally
puffs out your chest like you’re defending
your territory. Fundamentally, what Trump’s
behavior proves once again is that all those years
of empty Republican rhetoric about respecting the
Constitution were a fraud. Republicans are falling in line
behind a guy who’s declaring himself
above the Constitution and claiming absolute powers
to do whatever he wants. We’ve had corrupt, lawless
presidents before, but Trump is the top. -Maybe the top of them all. -This has been “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ]


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  16. He does have an absolute right to pardon himself. There has never been a finding that limits the power of pardoning. He can't pardon himself or others from impeachment, but should be able to pardon himself from his federal crimes.

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