Trump insults late Michigan congressman John Dingell during rally

Trump insults late Michigan congressman John Dingell during rally


  1. What a goddamn mother fucking piece of shit he is he's probably molesting his son Barron the way he molested his daughter with all those pictures he has with his hands all over her since she was an infant the Wonder Baron stays in the white house out of sight

  2. Wow. That’s our President’s behavior? You parents that support that stuff get your bail bond money ready for your kid’s future.

  3. What a piece of Shyt of a so/called president. And for anyone, woman child religious person, anyone with parents .. anyone supporting this person, you’re an equal POS!

  4. Hi there!

    Hate to bother you, Americans, but I would like to have a word with your moral compass.

    Yeah, I know … some people have no moral compass (and that would apparently include all Republican members of Congress). But most people know in their hearts the difference between right and wrong. Im speaking to those of you who can still tell the difference

    Now I can understand the reasons why you might stick by politicians in your favourite party, even when they do something silly. Partisan politics is something that exists all over the world, and if you want to keep a R in office … by all means, elect one. But when you look at the things Donald Trump says and does . . . well . . . just ask yourSelf in complete honesty what sort of person would speak and act this way — and listen carefully to what it tells you. Your moral compass knows as well as I do that this man is not fit to be making decisions that affect the lives of 7 billion people.

    If any of you Americans think I am being rude, and feel that it is inappropriate for an outsider to stick my nose in American political issues — Yes! YES! I agree with you 100%!

    So please … Do something to make this none of my business.

    THX – “TheRestoftheWorld®” —

  5. Ok I did not vote for Trump , but have supported much of what he has done.

    This was just buttstupid the man has no filter he needs to think about what he says before he open his mouth..

    John Dingells widow thanked him and then Trump says he is probably in hell looking up, C-MON man think!

    It's almost as if he just doesn't GAF about anything or anyone but himself..

    You are winning Mr. President , just shut up.

    Everytime you open your mouth it overshadows any good you have done.

  6. Donald Trump, who has absolutely no moral compass, can’t identify with Melania Trump’s Be Best movement, whines daily about any slight, lacks humility is at it again. While white Conservative Evangelicals continue to throw their support around the immoral behaviors of Donald (Mommy I Have Bone Spurs Today) Trump no one else with a genuine sense of morals identified in the Bible would ever support the lying, immoral coward that Donald Trump represents everyday, without contrition, supported by Bible holding white Evangelicals walking into white painted Churches looking for their next scheduled KKK rally.

  7. TreasonousTrump is a coward for attacking the dead, dividing the nation to serve his fragile ego, and for lying and deceiving people. I’m grateful that the stain of impeachment will forever like his failed businesses.

  8. Leave it to Trump a man with no class or morals to insult a dead man . And his white house puppets try to dismiss that with lame excuses . They are as corrupt as he is. They make me want to puke

  9. Karma is a bitch asshole! I can't wait to see the IRS waiting for you as you're dragged out of the WH in a straight jacket.

  10. If you die as a Democrat you're definitely in a state of mortal sin therefore you're going to hell like Jesus said many there are who find the Road to Perdition

  11. It was a light hearted joke lmao

    Also, I can't tell who supports who here, everyone is acting equally childish and plenty biased

  12. Debbie Dingell now playing drama queen after voting to impeach President Trump with zero evidence of a crime.
    Cry me a river.

  13. Do we need any further EVIDENCE of just what a piece of DOG DIRT THIS MAN IS.

  14. Trump's lack of empathy and lack of basic human decency is remarkable. You have to condemn that even if you support his politics.

  15. trump deserves the impeachment that was handed to him yesterday- on both articles.  Obstruction of congress and abuse of power. We cannot get rid of this man fast enough.  trump does not deserve to hold any office in government.  He has no moral compass.  I am embarrassed that this is where my country is at.

  16. Lol The president calls it like he sees it. He is looking up people! This old monster was responsible for millions of abortions. He made his choice.

  17. People are hating on trump for his comments but quickly forget trump is Republican, he's against abortions something john dingell was not.

  18. You know, he did this same thing when Sen. McCain passed away, like he personally was responsible for a decent burial for these dead politicians, and the families should be beholden unto him for all time. Not liking your political enemies is one thing, its the way it is in Washington. But he is constantly taking this disgusting idiotic behavior to new hieghts. I wonder if, in his egomaniacal, narcissistic, perfect genius mind, he knows that when hes finally dead and "looking up"(and he surely will be) there is going to be a sound of rejoicing not only in the United States, but around the world the likes of which have never been seen before.

  19. Debbie Dingell was two-faced 2 Trump after he helped her out and did all of the nice things she decides to shit on him and vote for impeachment oh, and comment was funnier than hell I fully approve of it and Trump is the greatest President we ever had, Democrats better get ready cuz this is going to get worse for them

  20. They weren’t boos they were gasps and laughter. That kunt voted to impeach a duly elected President under false pretenses. She deserved it.

  21. This is the kind of man he is, the woman lost her husband, a WW2 decorated vet, shouldn’t be a political pawn but he can’t help himself gotta insult his memory, has nothing to do with her vote but it’s always about him and worse was a lot of them laughed. Then tops it off with lie saying she called him when actually he called her.

  22. The lowest form of humanity – a despicable, cruel person with a warped mind! It's hard to believe that anyone with a conscience could support this bully! NO ONE has the right say that to a widow. I don't care what your politics are. A 70 old senile man, who attacks dead veterans and teen girls. And this is the man you worship?

  23. I don't blame Trump a dam bit I'd degrade every democrates that opened their mouth about him these sorry bastards and bitches brought this man's 10 year old son into their political views but hebis suppose to line up and kiss their crooked ass if I was Trump I'd be in jail if they degraded my child like they did his for no reason this child is still in school

  24. His "base" ( look up the other definition) laughs. Doesn't say much for their sense of humanity or decency. We know Trump has none. VOTE ! OUT!

  25. Get a life. He made a remark in jest and in all honesty, if you are religious, then it would be up to god to make the looking down or looking up call. I hope I’m not so sainted to where people can’t make jokes about me when I’m dead. It takes very little to insult people these days.

  26. In his later years, Dingell became an active Twitter user and he earned the nickname "the Dean of Twitter." Dingell earned over 250,000 followers for his witty and sarcastic posts attacking Republicans, particularly Donald Trump.

  27. In his later years, Dingell became an active Twitter user and he earned the nickname "the Dean of Twitter." Dingell earned over 250,000 followers for his witty and sarcastic posts attacking Republicans, particularly Donald Trump.

  28. In his later years, Dingell became an active Twitter user and he earned the nickname "the Dean of Twitter." Dingell earned over 250,000 followers for his witty and sarcastic posts attacking Republicans, particularly Donald Trump.

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