Trump Lifts Sanctions On Turkey, Claims Victory ‘Against All Evidence’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

Trump Lifts Sanctions On Turkey, Claims Victory ‘Against All Evidence’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


  1. President Trump has the balls to follow through with the withdrawal of troops that every President before him promised to do but never would. Remember Obama promising " if elected I'll bring home all our troops in the first 6 months",,,,,,,, just another one of his many lies from the worst President of all time but I'm sure all the "now" war mongering Democrats choose to forget. Thank you President Trump. Promises made, promises kept! Trump 2020 guaranteed

  2. In regard to the orange con artist and traitor, all roads lead to Russia. Without doubt, he is one of the most despicable men in America's history.

  3. So let me get this straight. The Turks have given Russia the authority to keep fighting the Kurds. Thus, technically the Turks are maintaining their cease fire while they secure the new borders of the Turkish Islamic State Caliphate. The Ottoman Empire is back.

  4. If Mango Mussolini is so proud of his small cowardly actions, I'd LOVE to see him live in the Kurdish promised land that he claims to have given them….

  5. Erdogan bought him off, and used trump’s Istanbul as part of owning him.
    He also did Putin’s bidding to work off some of the billions trump owes Russia . Putin owns trump and is his puppet at the helm of the US government

  6. We've been studying the nazi links in the USA since WWII up to now, and it will raise the hair on the back of your neck, what is going on today behind the scenes. Nazism. Obviously we have a "President" who is not loyal to the USA or the American people and yes he most assuredly is a part of the effort to usher in the Fourth Reich. He is crazy and he is dangerous.

  7. Hello people hello world like I told you all before this clown is out of pocket if they don't take this man out of Washington DC he is going to bring this country all the way down to his bottom now the Republicans already at their bottom all this white nationalist is hatred

  8. Force what does it mean to have what force is We know it won’t happen Ukraine now Russia is moving in to Syria has it has nothing to do with us directly are thy going to get us people are dying true genocide true so what’s next and in that time what’s after politics just becomes what the eyes see I guess..I’m out of it but it’s no way to actually do anything to Trump but run in the election against him. Impeachment seems like a stab in the back but no one is above the law still what do we do do we reward the drug addicts who do acrobatics to get hooked up and blame the drug for destroying our youth the drug even if the drug is generic What is being said is people use what they get for better or worst the President is a target because he is unlike anything but similar to the same things if harm is done to the system what about the people because hard drugs are dangerous the similar one is either dangerous or good but we know that we rather try the good or bad not the hard one trusting the hard drug dealer The drug itself is just a drug could be anything K2 Zantac but look with that you get this what if that’s a different thing all together that’s not even real it’s fake but the real drug is the one that we know is just a drug A HARD DRUG DEALER WITH A HARD DRUG SEEMS MORE SCARY THAN THE STORE EITHER ONE IS BAD BUT ONE OR THE OTHER IS NEEDED FOR PAIN IMMIGRATION I DONT KNOW IT WASN’T EVEN BAD THATS THE THING THE WAY IT SWITCHES AROUND..Maybe it’s not even The President But a whole business that would push the ideas anyway who gets money everybody gets something sep me sep what I got but the worst thing to be is in the middle of the hard drug dealer has the generic drug it’s probably more dangerous than the generic brand you would assume but then Zantacs I took for years are said to be dangerous and I see commercial that have traumatized me But imagine the hard drugs maybe more dangerous maybe not who knows who goes to jail who stops still We believe in war gods and all so what ever is best for the addicts in the end I think is best for everyone and treatment but war itself is the hard drug everybody knows the hard dealer middle of immigration is generic Generic issues not as big mix it with a war and somebody just took the hard stuff now what can’t blame the drug but what type of drug

  9. Five years ago Putin was an isolated 4 foot tall central asian. Now he’s taken over Syria and moved into the Sub-Saharan. He’s also made alliances with Iran and Turkey and inched very close China. Just a few months ago he was in Venezuela forging a friendship with Maduro, I expect them to be in Cuba very soon too. And it all coincided with Trump becoming President, all his actions have been to benefit russia and their soviet union revival agenda. Trump is a russian asset!!

  10. wowww. what choice did he have? Russia and seria took the place of usa. now trump has nothing he can do anymore with turkey. after he lost the kurds, now he lost turkey to the russians. another ally lost for good. soon, usa will be useless everywhere in the world.

  11. That's not what the guy said no quid pro quo he's not going to get impeached he's back on the jail I'm so tired of everybody bullshiting lies when we do get a new president what is CNN and MSNBC going to do they won't have Trump pick on anymore

  12. Pelosi, Schiff and MSNBC News working on the COUP right now “I am the president’s defender in the sense that I haven’t seen anything that would rise to the level of impeachable offense,” “In pushing the process in secret, in pushing the arguments of N0-fairness and NO-due process the Democrats so far have been running a lynch mob.”

  13. This ceased fire is temporary claiming victory to make himself look good is a joke hes mentally this point.

  14. Just assume when he opens his mouth he's lying. His own people said that more than 100 Isis's prisoners escaped. I bet he made some kind of deal with Turkey, and Putin is the Puppeteer.

  15. To protect his profits at Trump Towers Istanbul, Mr. Trump may very well allow any number of innocent civilians be slaughtered and immediately forgive the murderers for it.

  16. …The whitehouse is just a big playhouse for home pulling every switch and button he can get his tiny little finger one

  17. the Mobster safeguarded his property in Turkey. May these be targeted with bombs…..2nd thought: insurance will then pay

  18. MSNBC is so bias and lies and twists all of this and doesn’t even care that they are dividing the country. What a shame!

  19. "This is a volatile region, so I'm taking my only leverage, the sanctions against Turkey, off the table." – Stable genius with large a-brain Donald Trump

  20. There is a 144,000 male virgins in Revelations that will not receive the mark and survive. Anyone who survives without receiving the mark will be personally escorted to heaven by an angel.

  21. Hope all of the people’s children that voted for trump and his families kids would be drafted to fight and face death to re-fight ISIS. This mess wouldn’t be over for decades.

  22. I can't tell you how touching it is to see the Democrats so concerned about the Kurds especially since you consider the fact that that word Kurd hasn't come out of their mouth in their entire life, I mean they were certainly concerned when the kurds were being killed and Obama was doing nothing right?……

  23. Can you just start giving us the news in an unbiased manner???
    Or is that too difficult???

    I miss when news channels used to just give you news….
    Instead of looking like desperate children, trying to shove their agenda down your throat…
    Please stop trying to convince me how to think, how to see these situations, how to feel about a matter….
    It's gross and insulting, as an intelligent person to treat me as such.

  24. Enemies gifts but war and separation amongst ourselves!! Hands down the Worst President Ever!! The Only President I know for a fact that doesn't have USA interest 1st!! Buddies 1st. I was once Proud of you and would've die with you. My how times have changed!!!

  25. I'm apolitical but this is clear propaganda how is this not obvious to all? The US presence in Syria was ILLEGAL to begin with
    Enough of US sending its soldiers out like mercenaries
    Next step : stop funding pissrael

  26. If there's any truth to this, then it's only probably because Trump committed another quid pro quo bribery with Turkey! This guy just keeps on going with one crime after another! WOW!!

  27. I gotta say this guy is Teflon in his mind atleast. Willing to rewrite this gross misconduct and f##k up a success. He is a pychopath and anyone in the administration who continues to defend his actions are just power hungry and don't deserve your vote because they have no ethics.

  28. We're bombing our own bases in Syria. If that's his idea of victory I'm gonna go out on a limb and say he doesn't know what he's doing.

  29. He's such a moron wtf has he got to crow about the sooner that moron is kicked out of office the better. He needs to go to prison SDNY hurry up and jail these clowns

  30. After 1 week he claims a win and victory as the outcome….. we are a long ways away from even seeing any outcome from all the many different aspects involved.

  31. kurds are a terror group we were fighting along side with to get isis… wtf america fight your own battles … using terror groups and befriending them…. wtf and it never was there land its a country called Syria it belongs to Syrian people..

  32. A permanent ceasefire. MSNBC, no! Trump's a bad bad man everyone! We are here to remind you Trump is bad and wrong on 100% of everything he does, 100% of everything he says, 100% of the time.

  33. Not only will Trump not be impeached, but historically Trump will be seen as a president that had to deal with one of the most corrupt DNC, and political environments that has existed in Washington since the swing of the industrial revolution.

  34. 11,000 casualties suffered by Kurds in fighting alongside America against ISIL in Syria and America is seen by the entire world to now scuttle away to leave them open to attack by the Turks, Syrians and Russians. If this is “victory” then god help America because he is the only one now that America can reliably call upon in the event of another conflict. America lost 8 soldiers in the time served fighting in Syria, Kurds have already lost many more just in the week since America announced its pull out. Trump has indelibly stained America’s reputation and has betrayed everything America stands for

  35. Turkey made the deal with Russia, in that deal a Russian representative looked at his watch and said for the U.S to get out. When trump said he was sending troops to protect the oil fields, that failed and they basically said get out and that what your doing is illegal. So I’m assuming Russia will be protecting the boarder and working with the Kurds who will join Assad and his army.

  36. Turkey embraced 3m Syrian refugees. Turkey want to help give back the land to Syrians for both benefits. Why is Trump against this?

  37. Wake UP America, look at what happened here, are now used as Russian prograda!
    America signed up to have the "Kurds HELP US defeat ISIS" and THEY DID HELP GREATLY. Then the Tangerine colored Traitor in charge, just so he can make his Master Putin happy and turned his back on them so Russian troops could move in, another deal that congress should have stepped up & took charge of instantly.

  38. “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” Abraham Lincoln. The world is watching, as the cancer spreads throughout the last great nation on our planet, But even those that do this dirty deed and spread this poisonous venom have no idea that they have been DOOPED by the evil source that wants this great nation to fall.

  39. He looks like he’ll hit him twisting all night to deliver us a lie. He needs to step down but no he will sell the United State from under us. He only cares about his skin. Ge g rid of him before the damage set in further. Impeach now

  40. The only victory is for Trump's true master Vladimir Putin. There, through Trump's arrogance, incompetence, and overall stupidity has allowed Putin to suceed beyond his wildest dreams. Trump is a danger to our democracy and our country, the greatest threat to our national security, and a danger to the stability and future of our Allies worldwide. Trump is not serving American interests and needs to be removed from office.

  41. Trump didnt achieve anything, except betrayal.

    Putin won. He kept Assad in power. Putin got for free an effective US-trained Kurds fighting force. As the powerful person currently in the area. Putin got Turkey to the negotiation table.

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