Trump Wants Mitt Romney Impeached For Criticizing Him

Trump Wants Mitt Romney Impeached For Criticizing Him

So Donald Trump spent his weekend having a
very public meltdown all over Twitter about all kinds of things, but one of the things
that really set him off was that Mitt Romney towards the end of last week, offered the
most, uh, polite criticism, I guess you would call it, of the president ever. Mitt Romney had come out and said, well, I
mean, if the president did do what this whistleblower say and he did, then it’s very troubling. It’s troubling. you may as well have just told Donald Trump
he’s the worst human being on the planet and that you hate his entire family and that his
wife is ugly because that would have elicited the same response that Mitt Romney got from
the president. Here is what Donald Trump tweeted out in response
to. Again, that very polite criticism by Mitt
Romney. Trump said, I’m hearing that the great people
of Utah are considering their vote for their pompous Senator Mitt Romney to be a big mistake. I agree. He is a fool who is playing right into the
hands of the do nothing. Democrats hashtag impeach Mitt Romney. Donald Trump created a new hashtag cause he
was mad and impeach Mitt Romney, Donald Trump wants Mitt Romney, a United States Senator
for the Republican party who will, by the way also be voting on whether or not to convict
Donald Trump in the Senate. He wants him impeached. And that’s not even a thing that’s possible. You, you can’t impeach him. That’s not how impeachment, well, you can’t
just go around and impeach anybody you want because they want to impeach you. You can be impeached. Other people, yes, they can be removed from
office, but it’s not impeachment. And I, honest to God, don’t think the president
has the brain capacity to understand the difference between the two. And that’s also terrifying because this man
is painfully ignorant about what the law is. And if you think it’s just a joke, him saying
impeach Mitt Romney. Okay. Then how about the fact that just a few hours
later, he, uh, called for Nancy Pelosi to be impeached. Was he joking then too? Or is he an idiot? Because we all know the answer to that and
he’s an idiot. He’s not joking around. He’s not just throwing the word impeachment
around. He is saying it because he, honest to God
doesn’t know what it means. He doesn’t know what that process is, but
again, more importantly than the president just being a brain dead moron is the fact
that he just pissed off one of the guys who has to vote for him in the Senate, that that’s
not a good strategy. You’re losing friends right now, Donald, and
you have to have those friends in order to survive in your job, but if you want to sit
there and tweet out videos of them losing presidential elections like you did with Mitt
Romney over the weekend and you’ve done in the past with Mitt Romney, then that’s not
going to end well for you. After all, let’s not forget Romney’s niece
is the chairwoman of the national Republican party. Probably not the kind of guy you want to pick
a fight with when you need that party at your back. Now, don’t worry, folks. I have no doubt that Rhonda McDaniel is going
to protect the president and say to hell with her uncle because she’s the kind of person
who’s going to put party in politics over her own family because that’s just her set
of conservative values. But at the end of the day, Trump is pissing
off the wrong people, and I couldn’t be happier about that.



  2. This guy is losing it. This new case got him fucked up. I do think he's going to start a war, Just to to stay in office.

  3. Just watch!

    Trump and Republicans Next Move will be to forbid any Trump staff from testifying in the Impeachment Inquiry.

    Trump and Moscow Mitch will say "it's a matter of national security". = Obstruction of Justice.

  4. I know that it's been said on ROF that impeachment can come from just about anything, but for F**KS sake: impeachment for (politely) criticizing him? Saying he is an idiot is not only an understatement but also the blatantly obvious… rather the question is just how much of a dumbass IS he!?

  5. Duncie Donnie is running scared! He doesn't know policy and he doesn't care to learn. His attack on Romney is tantamount to an admission of guilt.

  6. Trump just Want to scare and intimidate other Senators who may try to oppose him in anyway shape or form…
    In other words, a warning to any Republican who may even think in that direction Whats coming..

  7. I bet he thinks "impeach" has something to do with peaches…perhaps "impeach" refers to the best peaches of Georgia and he is angry that Romney might have corralled all the best "peaches" nicknamed "im" and therefore "im-peaches" in Georgia before he could grab a few for himself. It certainly befits his mentality.

  8. Drumpf is scared of Mitt Romney. He knows Mitt is out to rescue his Republican Party from him after Drumpf hijacked it. Mitt wants to give the other Republicans their spines back from Trump. Mitt can't be impeached. But Drumpf can.

  9. Well is family are crimals just like big daddy trump but his wife wow take time out four her haha trump you are a pig

  10. Trump keeps saying article 2 lets me be a God king. the last for Republican presidents have committed war crimes. the Republicans throw whatever at the wall and run with whatever Sticks

  11. you know really the conservatives should really just start calling themselves Confederates at this point remember it's the right arm and heil Trump go maga

  12. I honestly think Trump may be trying to get impeached, because he hates losing, and he'll likely lose the 2020 election.

  13. How long before we have a Maduro-like situation in the U.S.? When all of congress is against Trump and the executive branch is refusing to abide by the law is when we may have a civil war.

  14. Trumpelstilzchen would like to be a dictator, every person who criticizes him should be removed/impeached/imprisoned/or killed/ is high treason. Trumpelstilzchen his family/government and his followers think they are above the law and can commit any crime from corruption to money laundering to murder. The USA has lost face in the world and the downfall will come.

  15. Remember when he said the democrats not clapping loudly enough for him was basically treason? He wants it to be literally illegal not to approve of everything he does, and his braindead followers still insist theirs is the side that cares about free speech.

  16. Trump is a retard who doesn't know anything. He has no business in the white house because he doesn't know fuck all about how things work.

  17. As a retired Marine and a Republican who voted for this orange IDIOT, i'm totally ashamed to call him our President. Smh! Semper Fi!

  18. He's not really responding to Romney at all – he's trying to scare anybody else who might say something against him like he thinks Romney did. You can bet other Republicans who are thinking about saying anything similar had second thoughts after Trump's rant about Romney.

  19. You know if was able to vote in the USA and was a Republican, Mitt Romney would probably be the only Republican I would vote for. Have studied his politics and agree with most , not all but then there is much choice in that party.

  20. I Remember when Mitt Romney used to insist on the Republican, Right Wing talking point that a candidate for President had to say "American Exceptionalism" five times every minute… How is that American Exceptionalism working out for you now Romney???

  21. Shows what an idiot he is . Didn't learn anything in school. What is hard for me to comprehend is the dumb ass's That voted for him must not have finished school.

  22. how sinical tell to impeched Mick Rromney and he doing everything so there no inpeched him everybody is corrupted but no him he mr. nice guy the racist,unrespecful,call other names,liar ext,ext need to be impeched.

  23. In fairness, for a Mormon like Mitt Romney to say something was 'troubling', that might as well be a string of f-bombs.

  24. He wants him impeached for colluding with the corruption of HRC. HRC paid an enemy state to create a "dossier" to effect our election. DONT ANY OF YOU IDIOTS REMEMBER THE RUSSIA "INVESTIGATION" that used the russian dossier as the basis for the warrant to spy on Trumps campaign. ANYONE one was involved with Hillary should be impeached because they are ALL corrupt swamp dwellers.

  25. God damn it
    Every day I swear that I say to my close friends and people in General that This Idiot man running our country is besides been an imbecile and a fucking moron he doesn't know anything about what the word Law means nothing comes to that big ass head.

    And just love the way everyone with common sense for heaven sake talks about him I roll in laughter every time because that's the truth he's a total Idiot
    He wants to Impeach wtf..
    If he was my dad I'll never go out in public again

  26. Trump spent a little too much time with the Miss America pageant. It engendered his desire to wear a crown and be Queen of America.

  27. Trump probably wouldn’t care if you called his wife ugly, but if you called Ivanka ugly he would lose his shit. Probably shoot you in the middle of 5th ave and not lose any votes.

  28. Mittkins ought to be impeached for being a Democrat in a Republican suit… Mitt is a Swamp Creature… He should join up with those just like him…

  29. Next, he’ll call for his fast food fry cook to be impeached because they forgot the onions on his burger. Next, the golf caddy for writing in his true golf score. Finally, Melania for forgetting not to smile .

  30. Please people BOYCOTT OR CLOSE YOUR TWITTER ACCOUNTS Maybe if enough people protest The Orange Turd could remove President Liar from Twitter That is a nice start

  31. Trump is like a child when he learns a new word. He keeps repeating it over and over; no matter whether or not it fits in the sentence or thought

  32. No, not a joke. Not even close…

    He doesn't yet have the kind of power for impeach to be interpreted (by his followers) as kill this enemy for me.

  33. Let him discard all his friends and family let him discard everyone that works around him and supports him, and he will see where that gets him. Just let him.

    Forget about him, and enjoy life.

  34. The same Democrat who became Republican so that he could cheat the system to get the position he has. One thing he has done consistently other than fool the foolish is raised his stupid bar up a few more notches. Thought it was humanly possible at this level.

  35. This guy is a moron! Lol. They need to change the meaning of stupid in the dictionary to Donald trump. No they need a new word for him. Even stupid doesnt work for Donald trump.

  36. I applaud Romey for going against trump in the name of country not party! Now more need to come out and stop being shit scared 😟

  37. He’s not only a pathological sociopath and narcissist with autism disorder, BUT also has violent mood swings, going from insanely aggressive to depressed and wanting to drag the entire world with him to hell. He’s not alone, the psychiatric instutions are full with them. NEVER put someone like that in power, let alone installing him as POTUS ! This will only get worse, much worse, didn’t his brother commit suicide and other family members have serious mental problems too ?? Look into it ! Hitler was a KNOWN DRUGGIE as well (Dokter Morrell) combining cocaine, meth, heroine, speed, lots of other primitive medications and fluids and tablets that made him into an even more deranged, psychopathic lunatic. Again, look up Hitler drug addict. Don’t trust me, trust the facts, the research, the reliable sources and found original pill bottles, medication boxes etc etc. The “Blitzkrieg” was only possible because they drugged up all these German soldiers and they fought and ran like animals all day and all of the night, because they were HIGH as a KITE.

  38. Oh please.
    I'm old enough to remember when Mitt last spoke up about his dislike for Don The Con. Then he had dinner with him & made nice-nice with his butthole.
    This isn't new. This is your typical corrupt politician only trying to help his own ass. Need to stop giving them the benefit of the doubt & call it as it is.

  39. The liar in chief really has gone crazy. Emperor little fingers has learned a new word IMPEACHMENT and now he wants everyone who questions his divine rule to be impeached. Stable genius, not at all, really unstable moron.

  40. Well, America, here we go again! Now the stupid occupier is now tweeting that Mitt Romney should be impeached for expressing his opinion based on things that the orange idiot either has said in public (to reporters no less) or tweeted. Let me explain to all of you that voted for this clown: Only these people in government can be impeached-president, vice president, legislators, civil officers, and judges. However, in order to impeached there has to grounds for it to happened. They can be impeached based on "honor, Trust or Profit under the United States." They also can be impeached under the same rules as a president or VP. Here is the rub: Mitt Romney did not do anything to warrant impeachment. Expressing one owns opinion is not "bribery, high crimes or misdameanors" or abuse of power. So, the orange POS needs a huge lesson in Government. It is taught in high school, college and law school. It is more than obvious that we have someone in the white house who has no fucking clue as to how the Consitution is laid out to regulate our government and the laws there to protect us. Based on my research, yes, the orange idiot can be impeached for abuse of power, which he does on a daily basis. This is also flaunted in front of us daily everytime he does his "chopper chat" on his way to golf, rallies (an ego booster) or go to one of his resorts. If you cannot see with your own eyes or hear with your owns ears the many lies, now over 13K and counting that he does. It is demoralising to me how he treats the position. I sincerely hope that you use the internet or library and read the Consitution to get the correct information before 2020 to make the right decision to vote in someone who will not use a position of power for their own gain. That includes voting out all of those who have enable and continue to enable the slow destruction of our country. And, please, before you decide to reply anything nasty to my comment, think before you start typing. All I did was express my disdain and the facts. I even looked up the information before I wrote it. Also, do read the disclaimer at the top where it requests that you follow the "Community Guidelines." I didn't say anything mean to any one specific person, except how I see the nimrod.

  41. Listen u egghead looking M’fer Mitt Romney is one of the biggest traitors ever. If I were Trump I’d tell him to cram it in his ass

  42. When the president tweeted that is hearing from the great people of Utah…, who are these people and how did they contact him? He says this all of the time. How are these people reaching him in hours or minutes? As for names.

  43. I'm no fan of either side but do nothing Democrats implies the Republicons have done nothing also, someone needs to check this man if his fellow Repubs want any credabilityn in the future.

  44. Impeachment is like checking in chess. Donald Trump is like someone responding to a check of his king by declaring an opponent's pawn is in check 😕

  45. From U.K. We had a king once who believed that he had a divine right to rule – Charles 1.
    It took a civil war to remove him and following a trial, we took an axe and surgically removed his head.
    He and his descendants then got the message.
    Time I think for the US to take strong action and set an example for the Presidents that follow, or history is just going to repeat.

  46. A senator can be expelled by a 2/3 vote of the Senate, but not impeached. Some states have recall vote laws, but not Utah. Trump is the idol of idiot-worshipers.


  48. I am suprised Trump graduated from a University. Looking at Trump's tweet, he claims he has "great and unmatched wisdom" . . . he is full of himself.

  49. Trump never really had friends since the day he was born. He's only using them (And still is today) just to take short cuts just to get exactly what he wants and most of them are way too oblivious (Or just as evil as Trump is) to simply realize that for themselves.

  50. She dropped her FAMILY!!! Name!
    For TRUMP!…a d God Knows What else!🤮

    So of course ole Unc! Will get thrown under the ole…
    HORSE and…BUGGY!✌


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