Trump was impeached. Now what?

Trump was impeached. Now what?


  1. After he wins his 2nd term how long will it be before the bastards start Inpeachment again ? Knowing the democrat right before they announce hes the winner 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶😱😱😫😫😫😫😫 all over again and the loser 🥶😡😡😡😡 and we know what he and his freeloaders will do

  2. Is it just me or does Pelosi always sound like she's wasted she's a disgrace to the American people probably a hero to California because they're that stupid but she needs to be out of office

  3. I want all of you to chime in. Tell me you still believe in these fascists demorats and believe in the u s constitution. Show all of us how insane and daingerous to our country. Show us how you evem have the right to live in our country and support these despicable cockroaches. I'm preparing to purchase some weapons for tje 1st time since i came home from nam. The revolution is on.

  4. I need to try out Trump and the GOP method of converting untruths into truths. I will go to the bank and insist that my account has a million dollars in it and repeat it over, over and over till it becomes true. Well did not work, maybe I need to relocate and find a bank in GOP fantasy land; a true wonderland where up is down down is up and if you repeat something enough times your wish will come true. Well I guess facts remain facts regardless of repetition here in the real world.

  5. Wanted for treason nancy pelosi chuck schumer adam schiff gerald nadler. Since they don't believe in the constitution they don't deserve their day in court.


  7. It's funny when they told everyone to do the electric voting. Everyone was just walking around getting up. And numbers started to show on the screen.

    Let me say this just once. It's all a show. The world is a stage. It's all an act. The numbers are in and you have nothing to do about it. It's a two sided system on the same coin with puppets playing their parts to the elite 1% that control this world.

    It's all smoke and mirrors people.

  8. Send the articles in.. her statement is she's waiting to see who she's up against..or is she waiting for the November senate elections to see if Dems win more seats?…that is called constitutional extortion… Send them in by January..!!!

  9. That is total BS what type of trial doesn't havewitnesses now that he's been impeached his executive power should be curtailed back and the cabinet his people in hitting his people should be forced to testify not even give it I mean like 20 years in prison if they do not testifythe Republicans don't want any witnesses because they know he did it there's nothing they can dowhy don't he just make a plea bargain and say I will finish the term but how about I don't we run and then he has to shut down his campaign and another Republican steps forward not make plans cuz he was too close

  10. Release the articles nancy. Free the constitution you are holding hostage. You are proving once and for all that fascists control your party. Pelosi ie hitler. Schumer ie gerring

  11. The GOP wanted to destroy former President Obama’s legacy. Mr. Trump has definitely secured his own legacy as President of the United States.

  12. today on the Senate floor, a GOP party leader said (a) he's working with the president's legal team, (b) he acknowledges Democrats are still in the midst of an impeachment inquiry and could bring more articles. there are still 30 on-going investigations into trump. pelosi has NO clock with regards to forwarding those articles to the senate.

  13. GREAT STUFF! The Great Pretender is IMPEACHED! Be wary America, be wary WORLD! The vain, petulant little man may push the Nuclear War button, out of spite!

  14. now what? Pelosi violates the constitution that clearly states that the Senate has “the sole power to try all impeachments.”
    by law, Nancy may not hold an impeachment much less use as a bargaining chip. WcomPost won't tell you that

  15. now nothing. the try will be supreme court justices and the try will be for leftist marxist judges that will not be for we the people but the elites from the hamptons who want more authoritarian control of we the people to subvert the constitution as much as is possible.

  16. Now what? The Dems lose the election and then the House. “Impeachmas”, as the WashPo tweet so eloquently put it, will be short lived. No objectivity at all. Weak!

  17. Can't tell if she's overly drunk and slurring or her teeth are loose and she's trying to keep them from falling out. Foxworthy or Ron White could do a great impression I'm sure of it.


  19. That's the worst that could happen to the States now. Is the country doing bad? No. So why? Left is sh*t anywhere in the world! They can't see the Right do well!

  20. Damn what a huge waste of time and money. No one respects people who don't stand behind their convictions. What an embarrassment to this country.

  21. You all know what is going to happen just another month or two of left vs Right with no one winning or losing, Just more of the same bullshit I have heard since he took office. Now it is called impeachment. It just never ends and that is just what Hillary intended form the day she lost to make it as much hell as she can. I don't believe government is the answer but I just might come out and vote for Donald just to piss her off. Oh yea you all know Donald is not going to be impeached so try not to get emotionally wrapped up in the left vs right game where no one wins or losses. That game's goal is just to keep us in a perpetual state of engaging in needless arguments. The powers to be just love to keep us destabilized where we are easier to control.

  22. Now this circus continues into the Senate where he'll be the 3rd acquitted. However, given the propensity of Democrats to nominate candidates completely obtuse to middle America (ie the heartland in which I live), it's highly likely Trump will be the only President to win re-election after being impeached- Johnson lost, and Clinton was already in his 2nd term, no President won an election after being impeached.

  23. 0:37 actually, Bill Clinton could only serve out his term, he was in his 2nd term, so he could NOT run for re-election. You look pretty young so you're likely too young to remember this, but I participated in it, and that was Clinton's 1996 re-election. He wasn't impeached then, that was 1999, he was impeached AFTER he won re-election, no President won having been impeached since Clinton's was after his 2nd term began.

  24. When pelosi made that facial remark to not clap, I lost it. Looks crazy. Not taking her dementia pills I guess. Anyone would make a better speaker than pelosi.

  25. Except, technically, he hasn't been impeached yet. Until Pelosi sends it to the Senate, he has not been impeached. The vote alone does not do that, so, and I hate to break it to you pathetic liberals but by witholding the articles, not impeached. Even the hacks at the WP leave that part out.

  26. The irony of the Republican party losing it's cool over withheld papers kinda like the presidential impeachment over tax payer funded aid being withheld. But that's not an issue, they are ok with that soooo why so upset now over a similar tactic with papers of impeachment? Lol

  27. So what exactly did this “Impeachment” help for? I mean his still president, he can still make rules, he can be president again. Can someone’s with knowledge explain?

  28. Just convict! Hes just ewww the way he talks is nasty and should not be glorified and actions should be taken to show u cant act that way as president! It gives such a bad look on America

  29. I honestly can't wait for everyone who thought he was going to be removed from office to watch this video and remember that he's still there and probably will be for awhile. There's a whole laundry list of processes that need to happen before a sitting president can be taken to trial and convicted of high crimes/removed from office, and even then there's no guarantee he will be. Also, if the house doesn't convict him, then I'd venture a guess that this whole fiasco might even bolster his chances for being reelected next year, as it would cast a lot of doubt on his opposition.

  30. Wouldn't it be a great tribute to have Trump's portrait on the cover of TIME MAGAZINE with a large bold banner "IMPEACHED" overlayed diagonally across the page ?

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