Trump’s Humiliating Impeachment Trial: WH On Edge Over Rules That Can Change Anytime | MSNBC

Trump’s Humiliating Impeachment Trial: WH On Edge Over Rules That Can Change Anytime | MSNBC


  1. I'm so tired of Republicans spitting out what is good for them when it's time however when the shoe is on the other foot it's no longer good anymore! What happened to integrity?

  2. The corrupt conduct was by the democratic congress for putting on a farce impeachment. Also by the media which can’t stand Trump because he calls them out on their bias propaganda. We simply don’t believe you. And those that say they do I question if they truly believe the media, or is it they also support the special interest left views and are jumping on the band wagon in hopes of overturning the 2016 election.

  3. Yes we all know republicans hypocrisy knows no bounds. I want to call them snakes in the grass but that would be holy unfair to our snakes.

  4. Y'all knuckleheads this man is lying through his teeth about a phone call and y'all believe this fool the get up under oath and said the phone call was perfect and I guarantee you you will be in a orange suit once you leave office

  5. How about all of you stop crying In the comments and go out and actually do something about it like vote when the time comes! Oh that’s right, hard working class Americans already made their choice and they will make it again in 2020. #getoverit

  6. Actually, there is no requirement for the House to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate. They may let the people to vote him out in 2020.

  7. trump is making a mockery of the justice department and our constitution. Together with all the puppets are violating the law.

  8. Trump can not simply run again he is being Impeached , he is not being a good President , he have to be removed from the WH

  9. You see your ignorant headline? Rules change at any time. That's exactly what Democrats pelosi, Schiff, and nadler did. Allowing no defence to president, allowing rumor, gossip, and hearsay to be evidence. When you gi ti trial this will be done to you, just like you did trump and kavanaugh. Your a piece of work, talking bout changing rules, who did that? Democrats? Who met secretly in a scif? Democrats. If trump is such a threat why Pelosi not doing her civil duty to impeach? He is not impeached till Senate trial, but she just needs the optics of impeachment cause Democrats think they are swaying 2020 elections. They never thought to think that Americans are not buying their freebie giveaway ti non citizens, and tell us to pay for it. And that Americans are going for broke on this fraud they have pulled on us with non citizens viting. Thanks to open borders you get thei illegal vote. Voter I'd wont work. Fingerprint voting. Dems would never win another election. That's why yall against v and ter ID. You bring illegals in promise freebies in lieu of fraudulentvote, therefore voiding the American vote.,

  10. Get rid of TRUMP and his lying staffers.IMPEACH we are tired of a embarresment going on every day,caused by the nutty President.

  11. Humiliating for pelosi. If it were real the piece of schifft would of given it to the Senate. Think about it. Msnbc is clearly fake news.

  12. A lot of people have watched the impeachment hearings and have changed sides after seeing the dems conduct themselves. Its sad and shameful, its now Republicans who are for the people. Don't be fooled America watch the impeachment hearings for yourselves.

  13. Thats right, the constitution hasn't changed. The dems are saying they are going to change it. Protect your constitution America.

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  15. So tired of this unscrupulous president. I have decided to turn my thoughts to a world where greed and money are not the reason for being alive.

  16. what comes around, goes around. Karma is a bitc_,, choose your own poison, I could go on and on. But I'll sum it all up by saying, the bad you meant for me has visited you!

  17. Seems to me that what was good in 1996 is not good because it's a president who represents the Republican party that is willing to betray country over party. What they called fair in 96 is now a sham in 2019. go figure.

  18. Mitch and Graham running scared trying to trick us and Pelosi to smart for the Republicans the only thing they know is to be corrupt criminal

  19. Makes me wonder how much dirt putin has on the Republican party when they are willing to betray the values of American democracy

  20. They should demand Nunes to testify. His links and contact with Lev Parnas would completely blow up the ridiculous defense the Repugnants put up during the Impeachment hearings of the house. It would be interesting to hear him explain under oath why he supported the Russian conspiracy theories and who he got them from…
    Btw, aren't members of congress under oath too in impeachment hearings? If so, about all Repugnant members could be charged for lying to congress by divulging the Russian lies!

  21. The times that I have watched this Impeachment has convinced me that the president did ask,the another Nation to interfere in our election, which is not supposed to be done. He held up promised funds for the Ukraine to get “dirt” on Biden published, or more.

  22. Democrats are a joke. False impeachment. Trump broke no laws. Democrats are crazy. Nothing is getting done. I blame Democratic leadership for every type one diabetes death because the Congress has let crony capitalist jack the price of insulin so now people have to ration its use. Screw you progressive ###holes and your fixation with impeachment. I didn’t vote for Trump because he’s a saint. I voted for him because I wanted things to get done for the average American and not huge multi national corporations.

  23. Have Americans ever looked behind the true reason for the impeachment,the well hidden information about Trump and others holding power to squash the investergation of Trump,

  24. BULLSH*T!!!
    Just more fake news from MSNBC!!!
    Trump will win in a landslide in 2020!!!
    New polls in swing states show more independents are going over to Trump!!!
    Similarly, in PA and MI polls show people who voted for Democrats in 2018 in districts Trump won in 2016 are going back to the Repubicans!!!
    Democrats have a serious addiction and they got their Trump fix with impeachment.
    But the sh*t is going to hit the fan when the patient goes through withdrawl – if they want to live.
    That will come in November of 2020!!!

  25. I like your reporting but you are dealing with people that are politically savee. We don't need all the hand arm motions. You talk to us as if we are idiots. We just want the facts without all the emotion. Thank you Arie.

  26. I am halfway through it and sounds totally #ucked up Besides that, a table for only 15 Lawyers? Plan on a second table…this is The Don who is known to have a bevy of lawyers just to slow things down. Bet on it.

  27. Watch this video coz the crazy alt right is saying that black people should be banned from owning guns

  28. I don't understand how Mitch McConnell was after the truth and now he is working hard to keep the information from coming out.

  29. Soo annoying and waist of time , and money we know all truth so end it now , and punish the Ones dishonest and disrespectful mann

  30. It’s what they aren’t saying that’s the reason MSNBC is regarded as a fake news network. See the fact that he is not bringing up the fact that never has an impeachment been approved by a single political party. Every previous impeachment has been completely bipartisan, meaning both Dem & Rep evenly agreed on impeachment. However Trumps Impeachment was approved by only democrats, democrats that controlled a majority. This is unheard of and unsurprisingly no major news networks bring this up for discussion.

  31. “On edge”= approval rating up, Trump breaks record fund raising , Jersey dem defects to Republican Party 😂


  32. Trumps humiliating impeachment trial? It hasn't even started and MSNBC is already at it with the fake news. WH worried about changing rules ? They haven't settled on rules yet and if you think Democrats will get their way you're delusional. This trial will go the way Republicans want it to, as the investigation was under Democrat terms, so shall the trial be under Republican Terms.

    Bill Clinton was confident when he received his impeachment trial summons, because like Trump, he had his party in the Senate who he knew would not remove him from office. Wasn't an issue then. Shouldn't be now

  33. American laws are outrageous; imprecise, vague, labile, subject to interpretation and relying on precedents (which may happen to be misapplication of the law), instead of relying on the absolute truth, which should be the fundamental tenet of every legal system. A constitution which was written over two hundred years ago in specific, abnormal, turbulent and critical circumstances should have long been abolished and replaced by a new one, but most Americans seem to be too fearful and narrow-minded to even fathom this idea.

  34. amongst other things "there is no climate change" … Mr. Trump is the new rainmaker

  35. "WH On Edge Over Rules That Can Change Anytime" some title. Yes anyone would be on edge if the "rules can change anytime". Duh!


  37. Hold this impeachment article until the end of 2020 if necessary if the witness in Senate won't be allowed to testify under oath

  38. Republicans in Senate are clearly not interested in finding the truth in Trump impeachment trial they are preparing the not guilty verdict ahead of the trial

  39. Thanks for the explanation. Moscow Mitch will try to stage manage the process to protect the guilty but at least he has to do it in public and potentially be held accountable for his actions and those of his co-conspirator Republican Senators.
    Its going to be a circus.

  40. I was a teenager when Clinton was impeached and didn't fully understand what was happening. The only thing I knew was that Monika Lewinsky was being treated quite unfairly and unnecessarily attacked by what seemed like almost everyone in the media and Senate. Now I'm 37 and watching Trump's impeachment and confused. Miss Lewinsky went down on a man, an action that did not put American interests, international standing or national security at risk unlike Trump. On a scale of 1-10 Clinton's misdeeds are like a 3/4 while Trump's targeted actions are easily a 9, having far ranging and long lasting consequences that directly effect Americans and American interests.

  41. It’s not that we here in Europe don’t have right extremists! But in Austria just like Hitler actually they don’t get more than 30 % ! And we have a real Democracy! That’s not enough for ANY coalition! Just saying!

  42. For those that say no crime or evidence,I ask are you living under a rock? Just what is it that you need to see or hear,to prove otherwise? I don't believe all Republicans are bad ,but do think that they are lacking in common sense and courage to confront this man. The Democratics are close second to not having any courage ether.He will be gone one way or the other.Now or in four years.What do you all of you both parties do then? Term limits are need for all elected officials. Its called public service not public life. This includes all judges of all curts

  43. I’m still amazed by the fact that Joe Biden is here on TV telling the Ukraine Government “ if the prosecutor is not fired, you are not getting the Billion dollars” . The prosecutor got fired in less than couple hours. While Hunter is making millions from a corrupt company WITH NO EXPERIENCE..BUT THE MEDIA DOESNT CARE!! Amazing!!! Just Amazing

  44. I believe the Senate election in 2020 is far more important than the Presidential election. If the Dems get the Senate in 2020 -they will hold both the House and the Senate. Then because there are ongoing investigations into DJT and his indictable offences, there could be a second impeachment against DJT …if he wins a second term. Surely then there would be impeachment and removal of this unworthy man from the highest office in the world.

  45. Now the dims are  contriving that an impeached POTUS  can not  pick a SCOTUS  replacement while under impeachment ???? Hahahahaha No such requirement  ???
    Only if he is impeached  and removed then he can not nominate UNLESS  he tells PENCE ??? Sorry  but Nancys impeachment delay  is to save her skin ???

  46. The third layer
    Like the House rules ????
    In the basement ??? one man one rule ???
    This boy is stupid ???
    Now the dims are  contriving that an impeached POTUS  can not  pick a SCOTUS  replacement while under impeachment ???? Hahahahaha No such requirement  ???

    Only if he is impeached  and removed then he can not nominate UNLESS  he tells PENCE ??? Sorry  but Nancys impeachment delay  is to save her skin ???

  47. Lindsey, when they were trying to impeach Clinton witnesses, were necessary when the Dem president was being impeached but for a GOP crook being impeached no witnesses are needed according to McConnell.

  48. We are just animals with social media rings in our nose 😂😂😎😂 we're more interested in what's on our stream how many likes do we have on whatever platform. Think for ourselves what is that. What the powersthat shouldn't be that are scared out of their minds is when we the people start thinking for ourselves. That doesn't happen often how many do really realize that it's happening. But there's something different now and The Hidden hand doesn't know what to do with the unexpected 😒😬😐 consequence of loved co-creation. This love of co-creation creates a singularity continuity hope everyone's free will. This manifests unconditional forgiveness within the context of all of us doing our best…

  49. I watched House of Cards!
    Imagine what trade offs are being made in back rooms right this moment…where the corrupt decisions will be made.

  50. Without witnesses…Trump will never be exonerated. With witnesses…same. Question is …who will honor their oath and stand for the constitution and America?

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