U.S.-India Constitutional Debate | Bengaluru Highlights

Hi, I’m Advin Mohan from School of Law Christ University My name is Andel. I’m from School of Law Christ University My name is Sharlo Barona, and I’m a fifth-year law student from School of Law Christ University, Bangalore. Hi, I’m Nayagath Fathima. I’m from Christ University Hi, my name is Unuthi Niliya. I’m a fifth-year BA/LLB student at Anna Salu Bangalore. I heard about this debate for the first time because it’s being held by the literary and debating society here, and I think it’s an excellent opportunity. I’ve had a great day so far. This experience of India-U.S. Constitutional Debate has been quite brilliant because we’ve got a comparative approach of the two constitutions. You always study the Indian Constitution in your law schools, but an American perspective adds much more value when you can compare the two constitutions. The process which it entails others reading up on constitutional issues and making a comparative between India and the U.S. has been really enriching and enlightening. It makes you better understand how our society is transforming. We’ve also had a chance to interact with the judges and fellow participants. The questions asked to all the participants were extremely thought provoking and critically framed, which really helped us think and really compare and understand our own constitution better first and then understand the other constitution better. So overall, it was really a learning experience. The Indian Constitution has borrowed significantly from the American one. So here’s a chance to appreciate whether some of it is still as resonant as it was 70 years ago. Has some of it been diluted? What has happened to the ways of life in the two countries? This has been a good opportunity to appreciate and think through those issues. So I think that’s been good.

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