UK parliament votes against no-deal Brexit

UK parliament votes against no-deal Brexit

Long time to go. Today, subsequent days. Keep calm. Prime Minister. Mr Speaker, these are about the
choices that this House faces. The legal default in the UK and
EU law remains that the UK will leave the EU without
a deal unless… Unless… unless something else is agreed. Mr Speaker, I also
confirmed last night that if the House
declined to approve leaving without a deal on
the 29th of March, 2019, the government
would bring forward a motion on whether
the House supports seeking to agree an
extension to Article 50 with the EU, which is
the logical consequence of the votes over the past
two days in this House. While an extension of
Article 50 is now inevitable, the responsibility
for that extension lies solely and squarely at
the prime minister’s door. But, Mr Speaker,
extending Article 50 without a clear objective
is not a solution. Parliament must now take
control of the situation.


  1. Daily reminder that business is not leaving the UK because of Brexit, regardless of what the fear mongers tell you…

  2. How I'm now wishing that voting to leave the EU never happened! Especially if it's going to effect food supplies here in the UK.

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