Ukrainian Parliament Fight

okay we have the ukraine parliament brawl
this has to do with other at a debate they’re having about extending russia’s navy’s
at least on a base relevant whatever wilkins it’s also for the
other installing like about negatives have an uh… there also using tear gas and related
to that’s fraught yeah prevent i thought the republicans are
you know kind of bad eighty here in the u_s_ they all
do you live you lie what our wrote you an adventure you gotta go ukraine or somebody that since
the electives are so we have billions and we have pictures
first use of it it’s your ever imagine this happening in congress parliamentary decor disappears during a controversy
over to extend versus need will be police in ukraine until twenty forty two opposition members pearl exits the speaker
leader struggles to read under a thick cloud from a small pond filling the chambers but slender former prime minister you only had
two machine co former president victoria shinto west the
throats of the coalition of newly elected president duryea local beach the coalition mustered enough support to ratify
the vote to extend russia’s black sea fleet piece on the crimean peninsula unfold that weirdest investor mister t_v_ military beachfront
refused and expected at the close of was of novel fight one for everybody i first what is a little explode motion there
in that area one guys like there i come to power to no only did i ever got mad and bad only republican
until monday alec step aside on thrusday and then another guy opt out like that let’s take it seriously like gravity has an elaborate whatever number
at overnight is the one o’clock all you about the wrong
way out animators is and that was slow motion to when
they started talking to the ukrainian parliament but have to talk
a bit now that’s teachers flags that’s my favorite part who presents the parliament and an umbrella title anticipating the expect but dot the products in order for them both
and hope but but but recruited for professionals up tentative mendoza
since serious that yeah rebate that look nowhere it’s not like i did
not one guy is still trying to read but he says i read about this whole artists
you is like now onto the naval weeks had isn’t
this the smoke bob inside the parliament benefited news didn’t spoke to the debating it the though head broken as a result well i think here is that we do not complete agreement i would like to go to a quorum call kickback alright so that was it and of course i denounce and reject this kind
of islands it is uncalled for it is uncivilized it’s not the way to go at all anyway take
this the wrong way but uh… where decided our country it seems kinda pointless give us more so still going on to say that yes but the finland is here office at indian uh… begin my career constitution six months
this and that that perhaps aftab at with a all that’s or you what the western
that we wanted it you are there but again julia phillips are wasn’t ram eggs so abrupt that that’s kept

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