University! British VS American | Evan Edinger & Meowitslucy

University! British VS American | Evan Edinger & Meowitslucy

I have no clue what we’re doing here No, neither do I Just like in university! What are we doing there? [ laughs ] Hi there everyone, so today I’m here with my friend Lucy Moon Hello! And today, I wanted to talk about the interesting differences between universities in the UK versus America Because I feel like there’s SO MANY huge differences And there’s things that I don’t know about British university culture ‘Cause I only went for a master’s degree And Lucy, coincidentally goes to one I am at SOAS, which is in central central London, and I do history So-as… what do you study? Soooaaasss History of… the world Yeah! I do Asia and Africa, and predominately India See i just learned American history… and then I learned American history…. TWO [ laughter ] THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK [ more laughter ] First off, my first two years I spent at a community college in America, do you know what that is? Um, I think it’s where you go when you don’t get into Ivy Leagues Do you know what you do at a community college, then You catch up? With the really smart people? um, NO, cause I mean, I got scholarships to go to a community college It wasn’t like a catchup, for the most part, it’s the cheapest college you can go to So, if you don’t have a huge amount of money to spend 30 grand a year on tuition at a state school, not an Ivy League, just any – uh – university then you go to a community college What you learn there is all the basic courses that you could take at the state one For instance, I learned western civilizations, psychology, sociology, english i, ii, speech… all that stuff And does everyone who teaches you have a PhD? No, usually they do at all state schools but at community colleges they usually just have masters degrees So they’re not usually the best Sometimes you get a doctorate but most of the time its just eh… So my first two years were free at community college cause I had a lot of scholarships And then my next two, I had to pay 12 grand in tuition every year. So… yeah 12 grand … 12 grand a year And that’s very cheap, I went to the Walmart of universities. So, like if I’d gone to any other place, I know Boston University was like 50 grand a year. Is that like the Trader Joe [ laughter ] The Trader Joe’s I went to a Whole Foods university [ laughter ] Ooh, Okay Pretty much every university in the UK… A year? …is 9 grand a year and then some are 6 grand a year But they’re the bad ones, like you wouldn’t pay to go there But you guys don’t even have to pay back in time, you can pay whenever you want E: I’ve heard like “oh you’re not making enough money…”
L: – kinda… “that’s ok, there’s not even that much interest” Just have a nice life the problem with it is, that, they’re probably gonna sell off the loans to actual private companies soon… E: So it would be like America’s then?
L: Yeah
E: Oooh nooo So at the moment it’s like “oh no, you have to be earning a reasonable salary, L: …that’s fine, it all gets wiped when you’re 50
E: Yeah L: But I bet you by the time I’m 30 I’m going to be owing a lot of interest How much did your books cost you when you had to buy school books for school? L: I’ve never had to buy books for school.
E: I hate you! [both laugh] You know how expensive …my physics book was? $300 Who pays for that? ME! L: Where from?! No one has that money!
E: I don’t know!! The physics was $300 and then my linear algebra course was like $200 and like one semester – six months’ courses – is probably like about $1000 One semester? One semester And like you can try and get around it by like going to school the first day “or in a uni” and hoping that someone else has it and making a friend and being like. “Oh yeah nice book do you want to like let me use that?” Other wise you just spend so much money it’s terrible. And what they do is, they specifically will make you get the next edition Because every edition, every year they come out with a new book so that you can’t use the old one By changing all of the problems up. so when the teacher
L: Oh my god! That’s so bad! says do problem 40, if you have the old edition, not the right problem You’ll get the problem wrong. You’ll get no points. So you literally have to spend the money. It’s really annoying. [Singing] Capitalism [Laughter] Please can we just make that a ring tone [Singing] Capitalism [More Laughter] When I went to England for my masters they gave me nine little paper back books. which had problems in them and there was all my course work and I was like “Oh, how much do I have to pay for this?” Like I genuinely asked someone that and they laughed at me and I went “Oh.” Public school is a private school here But we also call them private schools E: Whaaat?
L: I don’t know! Everything is school in America. So if I’m going to University, I’m going to school. If I’m going to college, I’m going to school What your masters only one year? Yeah, which is great ’cause in America the masters is six years Umm.. of course I already had a bachelors that’s why I’m a masters one year In a bachelors degree you don’t have to write a dissertation No I just had to take a course where I had to like research something in mathematics For instance I was a math major so I’m not gonna write much But I had to like research some cool thing and write a big old paper about it, but it wasn’t anything new Pretty much, every Humanities bachelor, you have to write between 10 000 and 14 000 words in your final year on top of your other essays E: that’s not fun…
L: and if you don’t write it, then you don’t get your thing and that gets graded and that’s what a lot of your final grade is based on and it has to include the dependent research Ours, I had one of those for my Masters in England Um, except it was not that long; I waited until the day before to start it because they told me to pass, you just need over 50% E: and I was like, [chuckles] that’s so easy!
L: oh my god! So, I literally started the night before, finished it, got a 52. Passed. No stress. Oh my god, that is literally like my worst nightmare. We go to university with one specific subject in mind, we do that subject entirely pretty much- L: -and then graduate
E: Yeah, whereas I do all these things E: Yeah
L: Yeah, you do everything, surely. Yeah, well, you kind of have to, like, you cannot graduate with a maths degree in New Jersey without taking three different English courses, three writing courses, history courses, sociology L: You’ve already done that for like 18 years.. 14 years
E: No you haven’t, it’s America L: So you haven’t studied English for 14 years?
E: Oh, no you have, but the thing is everybody’s high school’s are different You could’ve struggled through and they’d still pass you, but when you get to university, that’s where it’s like no one’s babying you anymore, it’s time to actually learn English. No lie my English 101 class in college, my first year, she taught us what a subject and predicate was. I don’t actually know what that is. Oh my God! What is a sorority? Why do people go to them? In addition why are they so mean? What?! They’re not mean You only hear about fraternities and sororities doing horrible things. Well that’s because horrible stuff is in the news. They also have brotherhood which is what fraternity stands for; sorority – sisterhood. I know a lot of really nice people that are sisters and have bigs and littles and they like care for each other. Like for instance, you would go to a sorority and you would be assigned a big and this would be like a senior in the sorority they would like look after you as like a fresher. And would be like “Oh hey yeah” and she’d like always make sure you were doing well. And it’s nice to have someone have your back, but you have to pay for that. Like you pay for being in the sorority. Why would you bother? It’s really hard when you go to university and you don’t have any friends. If you’re in a new area… You’re paying for your friends! You’re paying for the opportunity to make friends very easily, yes. It helps jump start you and make you social. I didn’t do it I wasn’t in a fraternity or anything. But I th- I understand it In the UK just everyone makes friends. That’s ’cause you guys can drink, I mean we can’t legally drink un till our senior year of eh But like everyone drinks Ye- Not really like if you get caught. I remember at my university eh.. I you had four people in your accommodation and one of them was under 21 none of them could drink. Completely not allowed, and if any alcohol was found in the flat everyone gets written up. What was your application to college like? Because for us you have to go through UCAS you have to go through the big formal system You have GCSE’s right? No, no, no. You do your GCSE’s. You’ve past those. They are like your SAT’s, and then you do A-Levels And while you’re doing your A-Levels you apply to a university through the system called UCAS and it’s a centralised system. You all have to write a personal statement. You have to get reference from your teachers you probably went through it to get your Masters. I had to write a – no, no I, yeah I did, I did yeah. But for my Bachelors I had to like apply to a university and I had to write them a personal statement but you have to do it in a creative writing way so you can’t just be like “This is why I wanna join.” You have to make a story and kind of have it represent who you are and you values.


    Oooohhh the reference I want to maakkkeese

  2. i didnt have to write about anything to get into university i had to pass and entrance exam buy my major was physics others didnt have to do anything just apply

  3. see this is why having public librarys makes sence, you get books free on lone, and they sell off their old books really cheep, like 10 pounds. lol scotland also has totally free education even university for scotish citizens, woot scotland FTW.

  4. 52% is a pass, i dont ever want to have to see an american doctor, no way. he may not know the diference between my heart and my apendix, 1 i can live withought,, dose he know that? 🙂

  5. i have a lower view of america just after he said you live in a dorm with bunk beds at uni, im sorry if im paying 50 pounds a week for a room i want a room, and i had a room in uni digs in 2001 on campus grounds, 50 pounds a week, free internet, and a free softwear for my pc for subjects i was studying what is wrong with america gouging their young talent , dont they want to maybe some day be number 1? 🙂

  6. I really do not understand why in both countries there are so many Uni places available. Then employers cry out that they can't find the staff with the right skills. Surely the whole point of Uni is to provide the future staff for available jobs. Pointless degree courses and the knowledge that to complete the entire course almost guarantees a degree is giving very little back to society. Well over half of university students are just average people, nothing special, never will be a bonus or benefit to anyone. The students with real talent should be nurtured by the state and earn a degree that employers both desire and respect. Not a nobody that gains a degree in Media Studies from the University of Chipping Camden, which if I was an employer would immediately bin. Dumbed down education is letting the western countries down. I bet a degree in China, India or Japan has to be earned by being in the top 10% of candidates taking each course. I really think it's time for Business and Industry to join together and train and nurture the people they want and stop all this mass of nobody's having three years of wasting everyone's time. Because the education and training system in this country is quite frankly, a joke.

  7. In Wales it’s £6000 a year but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad uni. It’s simply a system that they do in Wales to help us not be in dept as much. You even get better deals when you’re Welsh and do welsh courses

  8. Education should be free to anyone who is willing to learn! Education should be solely funded by the government. Loans scare young people from lower class backgrounds from going to university. SO MUCH WASTED POTENTIAL!!!

  9. The United States has the highest college tuition rate in the world. No other comprise of college that charges its student a fortune for a piece of paper. Welcome to USA!

  10. Did she just forget Scotland exists? Also my books were about 200 a semester unless i got an out of date edition on Amazon

  11. Sororities and fraternities also do community work so their not all about the friendship and party side

  12. YES!!!! those professors that won't give out a perfect score even if you do everything right, my gosh i had this Irish one who refused to give above 80% because "it's not on par with a professional submission, so it's not perfect and won't get a perfect score"

  13. It is really fucked here in America. I currently serve in the Army and going to college with the Army paying it. This is not uncommon at all. So many people join the military just to pay for college. I'm extemely grateful for the opportunity but for other countries going the way I did would be insane.
    The one thing I can say about America is from that point we literally work for whatever we want. Its extremely competitive. And thats in the mentality of Ameircans since they were children. The government is never going to save us like they do in Europe. We know everything we get is from what we can claw at.

  14. I hope when you say that a master's in the US is 6 years you mean 4 years for your bachelors and 2 years for your masters because if not, then you're extremely mistaken. 6-8 years is the average for a PhD AFTER you get your bachelors.

  15. Where in the hell is there a masters program in the US that is 6 years?!? That is a PhD. Masters are 2 years traditionally.

  16. In Uruguay we have public universities and those are completely free. Going to a public or a private one is the same. The only things is if you went to a public one after 5 years of working in your field of study you have to pay a small tax so others can also go to university for free. Also everyone can go we don’t have to do sat or anything like that you just have to have certain classes that prepared you to the career you chose

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  18. I had a doctorate qualified teacher for science in secondary school in the UK and he was the coolest teacher, no idea why he became a secondary school teacher!!!!!

  19. How can she say she didn’t pay for a single book i swear you are given a list and have to pay for your books

  20. Couldn't stand uni in the US, expensive, no nights out until your LAST year and having to pay for sororities!! I'd have dropped out after my first week jeez

  21. Do American colleges not have libraries ….? In Ireland the uni has like all the text books you need in the Campus library for free

  22. Us University sounds like High school 2.0, with the difference that you have to pay for it.
    Here in Argentina college is free and you don't have to apply to get into it, you just have to sign up and in some of them, take an exam, and then a certain amount of people is allowed to get into, but that actually depends on where you decide to go.
    Also, it is supposed to last 5 years on average, but since exams are really hard to pass, it takes 6+ years to get a degree for most people. Oh, and you don't have to take subjects that aren't related to your field. I mean, maybe there are some subjects that aren't fully related, but 80%-90% of the ones you take are, for what I've been told.

  23. I mean wow American is cruel here I am complaining about £9000 a year but I haven't had to but any books until my final year and I can buy old version up to 5 years like I spent £60 on like 10 books the most expensive was £28 because I couldn't buy the old one as it came out 5 years ago. I also do a bachelor's law degree ( graduating this year 🎉) and didn't have to do a dissertation it was an option and some people done it but not me. So I guess I'm lucky on that aspect. I mean my other assignments were fairly long though 3 were 1500 ( easy) one was 2500, one was 3000 and the last one was 3500. But I am so shocked about the system in America, I used to want to go to uni there thank gosh I didn't.

    I was also lucky enough to get a uni home in first year but also no one I know who stayed in halls had to have a roommate like you live together as flatmates and share a bathroom, living room and kitchen but your bedroom is your own. I also had a double bed and a three door wardrobe along with a desk and computer chair all provided for me but second year it was similar but I went down to a single bed because my room was the smallest in my house.

  24. Yeah this is mostly about English universities.

    Scotland and Northern Ireland have completely different education systems. And Wales has some differences too I think.

    Student loans are a de facto graduate tax really.

  25. Fraternaties and sororities sound like the kinds of old boys network you have in private school.

  26. If the typical SOAS student was represented by a society, it would be the hummus society.

    BTW, the Russell Group is not as elite as the Ivy League. It includes Cardiff. And SOAS isn't even a Russell Group uni.

  27. Community college: where you go when you don't get into the ivy leagues…whoooo baby there's a big gap there

  28. In the UK uni is basically a giant piss up with a large side of studying. And in Scotland the tuition is free so more money for booze. I couldn't imagine going to uni in America and not being allowed to drink. It's so backwards. You can buy guns at 18 i think (correct me if I'm wrong) but have to wait till 21 to have a beer. Shocking behaviour

  29. 2:23 Privatising the Debt will not do as she thinks. The Loan Terms and Conditions can not be changed without the debtor's permission (especially if worsens the deal for you).

  30. I don’t get how US degrees are even worth the paper there written on. I did a four years masters in electronics engineering and from day one we were doing 20+ plus a week of focused lectures with 4+ hours of “problem classes” and like 4+ hours of Labs. That’s not including the work we had to do outside of Uni such as lab reports problem sheets, online tests etc. There’s no possible way to fit all of that into 2 years when they “specialise”. I highly doubt a degree from the US is equivalent to a degree from the UK at the same level (obviously I’m sure MIT, Harvard is equivalent to Oxbridge)

  31. 3:43 we have the same problems in Ireland with all books, for primary school and secondary school. You can usually get away with buying second hand books though, because it’s very popular. And usually teachers are sympathetic so if you had different problems or something, the teacher might photocopy the right questions or you just take a photo with your phone.

  32. Im an international undergraduate student in the UK and I pay roughly 17,000 pounds a year in tuition fees only (doing Business Management) I have friends doing engineering and some of them pay almost 20,000 a year in tuition fees and we are not even in the most expensive universities. You guys don't know how fortunate you are for paying 9k a year fr

  33. The us college/university system would be almost perfect, if you didn’t have to sell an arm and a leg to go.

  34. In England, well at least the university I went to, the library was very well stocked. So need to buy books.

  35. If I live in the US and go to uni in the UK and plan to go back to the US will they honor the degree I got in the UK

  36. This is CRAZY to me. In Uruguay if you finished high school that means you’re ready to go to university and there are private universities but normally people go to public uni which cost NOTHING BECAUSE YOU NEED EDUCATION. And you don’t have to explain why you wanna go you just enroll. If the people enrolling are more than the capacity of the uni there are test or raffles to determine who gets in but that’s in some universities only

  37. I went to university in Scotland. Its free. You have to pay an admin fee to graduate but its very little. Everyone that teaches you has a PHD and is a literal god in their field. In Scotland they dont want you to start off in life in debt, coz that's just shit. Instead they charge foreigners (Non-EU students) through the nose to study there. 20% of students are Scottish and they go free. Everyone else needs to stump up. Fantastic system!

  38. Sororities and Fraternities are also charity based, yeah they throw parties but they also do a lot of charity work

  39. 10 to 14.000 the hell that's so little for a masters degree… I did public administration – which could be argued is closer to humanities, it was a master of science but I had to write at least 40.000 words. And I'm not saying that is a good thing 🙁

  40. Societies in UK universities are the best thing ever. At York St John University, there is a queuing society in which students go into york and form random queues in the hopes of tourists joining, then leave leaving the random people very confused (This is funded by the university by the way).

  41. So, the public/private school thing in the UK – all "public schools" are private (fee-paying, 'independent') schools, but they're like the most expensive and oldest of the private schools. They're called "public" because when they were started, the thing they were replacing was "getting tutors to come to your house and educate your children", so they really were more public.

  42. everyone in the comments is critisizing the US's lack of specialization, but I was always under the impression that specialization is mostly not good ?? Like, you need to be well-rounded to understand the world and make progress

  43. It's definitely not true that you need experience in the field you're applying for to get into a good university, but I'm sure it certainly helps.
    Also, damn America, sort out your education system. It sounds like a fucking car crash.

  44. He kind of skipped over that student's union question, but I'm guessing student union bars aren't a thing in the US because of the drinking age.
    Thinking about it, my uni could go one better because we also had a bar in the actual halls of residence. You probably don't have that in the US.

  45. Also, what is student politics like in the US? I went to the University of Liverpool, and it was very radical. There was a Socialist Worker student society, a green society, a CND society, the union boycotted Nestle, they took part in one world week… Do you do stuff like that over there?

  46. American here, I took the test and it seemed to have no idea where I was from…
    A solid red strip from California, through the Midwest to DC/Baltimore area….
    I do live in northern Virginia but not DC Metro area, the part where WV, VA and MD meet

  47. He is talking about Liberal Arts University – technical Universities you would be much more focused on your subject.

  48. A lot of people at my school were able to get their application fee waived, so if you are of low income, ask your college councilor (if you have one, or maybe just a councilor) about it and they might be able to get your application fees waived. I didn't pay for any of my applications 🙂 Same thing with ACTs, you can take up to 2 free. Wanting to go to college is expensive 🙁

  49. in the UK public schools are private schools because they're funded by the public, as opposed to the government (state schools)

  50. I did have to write a dissertation of sorts in college in the US, but it was as part of credit to graduate with honors in my major.

  51. I do have a lot of Americans friends in london they moved for their education from usa to uk . I don’t understand why

  52. I used to watch this video all the time when I was in high school to get excited about Uni and now I'm leaving in a week. Somehow this video ended up in my recommended today.

    Life is crazy!

  53. I returned to university as a mature student recently – I wrote an email to my course leader and they replied within half an hour with an unconditional offer. That was easy.

  54. And the best part, many US college grads have trouble finding a good job
    Probably has nothing to do with our culture of gender confusion and self loathing😯

  55. how do you got through high school and do maths english and science?
    then go to uni to do maths english and science…
    What was the point of high school?

  56. A masters in the US isn’t 6 years…its 2 years. If you’re including the bachelors in that it’s 6 years. But no one ever includes the bachelors as part of the masters when calculating the amount of time.

  57. really late to finding this video but ooohhh it pains me. sororities are so much more than just "paying for your friends" we all have a philanthropic organization that we raise money for and volunteer for. you are working for a good cause and to better your community! there's a lot more to sorority life than partying and "paying for friends" although the free alch is great lol

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