War on the Weak: Eugenics in America

War on the Weak: Eugenics in America

>>[V.O.] At the turn of the 20th Century,
rapid industrialization and urbanization led to a social upheaval defined by goals for
a civilization free of violence, disease, and mental ailments. However, the means by
which this utopian society would be attempted would include some of the most profound ethical
violations in the history of the United States.>>[Carlson] President was behind it, liberals
were behind it. Even the Catholic church, at one point was behind it>>[V.O.] Intense growth of American industry,
agricultural mechanization, and widespread immigration led to the first major migration
away from the farms and into the city, which was now expanding faster than adequate housing
could be provided. The solution to the modern problems of an industrialized society required
increased government involvement in he social sphere, a philosophy known as progressivism.
The construct of scientific management offered a methodical means of social engineering. Geneticists of the age could prove, through
the use of human pedigrees and their knowledge of plant and animal genetics that degeneracy
was an inheritable trait. It seemed only right, that if a society free of all mental and physical
ailments; free of violence and crime, illiteracy and foolishness; it seemed only right to end
the reproductive capabilities of people expressing these traits. Eugenics was the result of an America unwilling
to make social changes– an upper class fearful of its laboring counterparts. Eugenics placed
the blame of a social quandary on individual races and classes, and thus freed from culpability
the industrial, scientific, and political barons of the time. [birds chirping/music] Cold Spring Harbor, New York. 1910. Charles
B. Davenport along with Harry H. Laughlin, both biologists and members of the America
Breeder’s Association, found the Eugenics Record Office, with financial help from the
Carnegie Institution. The ERO would be the headquarters for eugenics research in the
United States for the next 34 years. Using various research methods, including human
pedigrees, hereditary questionnaires, interviewing groups of special interest (such as circus
performers), and collecting census data, the ERO was able to justify the administration
of eugenic laws nationwide. Including immigration and marriage restrictions, race segregation,
and forced sterilization of criminals and other “undesirables”. The ERO, however, was not only able to justify
the eugenics atrocities, but integrated them into popular culture to make eugenics and
related terms, such as race hygiene, household words. Popular literature published in the
20’s often donned eugenics in their subject matter, such as these manuals on raising
a healthy family. Clergyman preached on the necessity of “goodâ€
marriages. Perhaps even more disturbing were the contests held at many state fairs, where
awards were given to the “fittest†family. Those with the purest pedigrees, and
undoubtedly, the most attractive phenotypes would receive awards, such as this medal with
an inscription reading, “Yea, I have a goodly heritage†.>>[Lombardo] “The eugenics movement spawned
lots of people who were considered, even at their own time, ‘out on the fringe’
who even endorsed such things as euthanasia. But that was not a mainline part of the movement.
It certainly became parts of the movement internationally, but not so much here in America.â€>>[V.O.] On March 9, 1907, the Indiana State
Senate, in a vote of 28 to 16, made history by being the first jurisdiction in the world
to force the sterilization of citizens it deemed unfit; unfit to exist, unfit to reproduce.
Connecticut was soon to follow. By the time Laughlin at the ERO had published his suggestion
on how to implement legislation for forced human sterilization, 12 states had already
put into place sterilization laws of their own. By 1924, 3000 socially inadequate people
had been sterilized. That same year, based on Laughlin’s
model, Aubrey E. Strode drafted Virginia’s “Eugenical Sterilization Act,†in
an attempt to rid the state of defective persons. It passed in Virginia’s general assembly
by a landslide. Immediately, the Virginia Colony for the Epileptic
and Feebleminded selected 17-year-old Carrie Buck to be the first human sterilized under
the act. Carrie had a feebleminded child, the result of a raping by one of her relatives,
and was the daughter of a feebleminded mother, Emma, already a resident on the Virginia Colony.
Carrie, purportedly carrying the genetic traits of feeblemindedness and sexual promiscuity,
was a fine candidate, as the law stated those to be sterilized must be “probable potential
parents of social inadequate offspring†. Carrie’s “feeblemindednessâ€
, was based on a mailed disposition by Laughlin, who had never met Carrie, and her sexual promiscuity
was based on the testimony of her schoolteacher that she sent “flirtatious notesâ€
to schoolboys. Carrie became the first person in Virginia to be sterilized under the new
law on October 19, 1927. In the words of justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, official deliverer
of the opinion of the United States Supreme Court in the case of Buck v. Bell: “It is better for all of the world,
if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime, or to let them starve
for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing
their kind. Three generations of imbeciles are enough.†Vivian, Carrie’s purported feebleminded daughter,
received B’s on her first grade report card. Buck v. Bell justified the sterilizations
of over 8,000 Virginians. Over the history of the United States, 33 states have enacted
statutes under which 60,000 Americans underwent compulsory sterilizations. To this day, Buck
v. Bell has never been overruled.>>[Carlson] “Nazi Germany embraced the
eugenics movement from the United States and just upped it in its efficiency.â€>>[V.O.] It should now be apparent that Germany’s
racial theories did not take place in a vacuum, nor can the fundamental philosophies and beliefs
that would eventually lead to the atrocities of the Nazi state be attributed solely to
German authorities. In fact, German scientists expressed a great affinity towards US eugenic
laws. A young Adolf Hitler wrote positively of the USs immigration restrictions, more
specifically how the law, “Refuses immigration on principal, by simply excluding certain
races from naturalization,†in his book Mein Kampf. Shortly prior to mobilizing the
most comprehensive eugenics legislation in modern history, Gerhard Wagner, head of the
National Socialists Physician’s League, stated that America’s eugenic policies
should be used as a model for Germany to follow. Marie Kopp, of the American Committee on Maternal
Health proclaimed that the Nazi system of seeking out those to be sterilized was administered
“in entire fairness†and was “formulated after careful study of the California experiment,â€
which had been responsible of 2500 of the 3000 involuntary sterilizations in the US
prior to 1924. The ERO boasted on how the German statue on race hygiene read almost
identical to Laughlin’s “Model Sterilization Law†. Laughlin had such
a significant impact on Nazi racial legislature that he was awarded an honorary degree from
the University of Heidelburg. Laughlin thanked the university for reaffirming the “common
understanding of German and American scientists of the nature of eugenics.†This common
understanding would be translated into the “Law on Preventing Hereditarily Ill
Progeny,†which would be responsible for over 375,000 sterilizations in the Nazi state,
a number so impressive, one American eugenics advocate complained, “The Germans are
beating us at our own game.†The sterilization program of the Nazi state,
modeled after Laughlin’s law and other US eugenic theories, would be a gross prelude
to the exterminations of the Holocaust. But even before the gas chambers were opened for
the racist and anti-Semitic persecutions we know all too well, they were opened, in October
1939, for the systematic murder of the mentally ill citizens of Germany. Sadly, this practice
was not faced with nearly as much stigmatism within the states, as euthanasia had long
been discussed as a solution for the feebleminded.>>[Carlson] “So…when people saw how
eugenics can easily be abused by the power of the state, they said, ‘That’s
it. This is a monstrous idea that we should keep a distance from.'”>>[V.O.] It is now the dawn of the 21st Century,
and advancements in technology and medicine have excelled beyond even the most ambitious
of projections. Science that eugenicists of the 20th Century could only have dreamed appear
in our news every single day. [news clips about modern stem cell research
and other genetics-based medicine]>>[Lombardo]”Is it a danger? It’s always
a danger when there are technologies that can be used and abused, and I think that the
history of the eugenics movement tells us when a technology actually exists, people
will try to use it sometimes for reasons it was never intended to be used.”>>[V.O.]With the mapping of the human genome,
prenatal testing, preimplantation genetic diagnosis, therapeutic cloning, and stem cell
therapy, we find ourselves entering a promising world of genetic medicine. It is with this
great power, however, that comes the need for even greater responsibility, sensitivity,
and accountability.>>Humanity truly does now posses a powerful
tool for good. However, we must heed the warnings sounded by the coercive legislation and beliefs
of the eugenics movement before we may venture into the frontier of modern genetic medicine.
Tragedy may very well give way to triumph, but how that will be recorded in the history
books of tomorrow, will be determined by our actions today.


  1. People don't understand that we are taught everything we know so if you learn then you have knowledge and wisdom is also different but it doesn't matter about color period

  2. Am I bad if I say I like the idea? It just appears to work… I don't feel sorry for a freak who can't justify his/her existence and will probably just cause trouble to society. The liberals need to STOP

  3. I don't think the white supremacists in this comment section who are supporting eugenics realize that many of them would be the first among society to be "sterilized"

  4. We have really gone into a decline compared to how we were 100 years ago. Its truly sad knowing how the world was on the right track until FDR stuck his nose where it didnt belong.

  5. What is the name of that beautiful song playing in the background? I would like to add it to my ever expanding music collection. Thank you so much and advance.

  6. Humans are not a virus or disease. Its not your place to decide how many of gods children need to be born. Don't forget we are created. And we don't yet know our place in the universe. Maybe god needs us to be of a certain number. Its said the angels innumerable.

  7. Eugenics soon will be quite feasible: ever heard of Crispr? In Britain, trials to cure hemophilia A and B are astonishingly successful, so far. Fix the genes themselves, no further difficulty.

  8. Sorry, I agree. Not everyone is meant for this world and it's more inhumane to allow some people to reproduce. Euthanasia is death with dignity. Suffering is cruel.

  9. I think there are too many people because the elderly are protected too much, you see, in the past they would have likely been killed at some point, by dis-ease, or more importantly , by someone killing them, there is a reason we all are naturally scared of groups of youths, its because they are dangerous, they would naturally smash a rock over the back of our head, take whatever we have on us, and in that process they are making the world better for everyone else, and old people are ulgy, too ugly for this planet.

  10. Eugenics was largely fuel by the knowledge that the world's population was going to outgrow the available supply of nitrates. Nitrates which are the building blocks of proteins can be made by a very few bacteria that grow on the roots of a few plants otherwise all living things have to recycle nitrates from other living things. Animals get their nitrates by eating plants and other animals. Plants get their nitrates from compost and fertilizers. Human agriculture because of population growth had reached the point in 1900 that scientists could predict with absolute certainty that with the available supply of nitrates mass famines would start around 1950 when the world population reached around 4 billion. So some folks argued for concentrating on eliminating the useless feeders and protecting their cultural group at the expense of others and making war for living space.

    The prediction was accurate we did grow in population well beyond the point where there were enough natural nitrates to support our human population, but the often very scientists who were warning about our running out of naturally occurring nitrates were also pointing out that air is largely nitrogen and even in 1900 they suspected that lighting passing through air produced some nitrates. Fritz Hager developed the Haber-Bosch process which makes us able to produce synthetic fertilizers from nitrogen from the air and massive amounts of energy around 1910. Something like half the food the world eats is grown with synthetic fertilizers.

    We also have now discovered that if couples have strong reason to believe that their children will live to be adults and have good access to birth control that they on their own decision will have on average something less than two children. This is the pattern worldwide now except in a few parts of Africa. The world's population will continue to grow under current models until about 2100 because everyone is living longer, then it will peak at about 11 billion and then gradually decline. If we can manage not to cook the planet or pollute the heck out of it, there may yet be a bright future for mankind.

    Eugenics was always half baked science based on weak facts that didn't see all the possibilities. However, the most awful thing about the whole Nazi worldview was that since Haber was a German and had discovered the Haber-Bosch process before the First World War the whole supposed emerging emergency that both of their beliefs in the need for eugenics and the need to conquer neighboring lands for living room were based had been solved in their own country more than 30 years before they started sterilizing people or making needless wars.

  11. Need to point out one thing. When you read the 'Final Solution" minutes at the Wansee Conference, it discusses expelling the Jews to Western part of Russia to be used as slave gangs. They would be forced to build new autobans in the captured Russian territories. The Jews would be segregated by sex so that they couldn't breed. With no offspring, they would die off as a race. The copy I read on the web was translated by the World Jewish Congress.

  12. This is OK…very needed for the future. Without repro-gene controls humanity is only manky-ty with imbecils in repro big deal… one imbecil makes imbecil kids LIMITLESS… while inteligent humans die out – not reproducing. Nothing scary in CONTROLLING HUMAN REPRODUCTION to get HEALTHY and progressive humans to improve humanity.

    If asked wrong-born – they would rather not being born at the first place.

    Having sex is so easy…and we are NOT any civilisation if we do not follow AT LEAST NATURAL SELECTION of steongest to move on genes.

    As ALL ANIMALS have it by nature, WHO the fuck granted HUMANS of all degenerations to "thrive" in SOCIETY – costing us darly – their family and society as a whole and they die prematurally anyway.

    It is HUMAN to get rid of degeneretics. If you doubt this, speak to poore families and those born with deformations.

  13. It's easier to use brute force, than love, empathy and education, so people become responsible enough to have kids. This is fakery and nazism.
    I hope fans of this realize, that it will only be used on poor idiots, rich idiots will be free to spread their ideologies… with their sperm. This is not going to be healthy society at all.
    Society of perfect zombies with no emotions.

  14. I’m Russian but sorry you can’t blame the Americans for the Nazis my fuck it was the Germans themselves… get real people cmon really

  15. Eugenics is good. Clomplainers want to keep you stupid. Biggest complainers are: Jews, the post-Vatican-2 RCC, the liberal left, religious fanatics of the protestant sort.

  16. Eugenics itself is unconstitutional, it inspired Nazi Germany and we as Americans are as much responsible. Let us look back and say never again. But if you dont then I'll carry on these principles.

  17. I've become increasingly persuaded that, in human populations, the idea of removing undesirable traits and promoting desirable ones is itself a desirable goal. I mean, be honest with yourself, all other things equal, would you want your children to be very intelligent, physically beautiful (handsome), free of many diseases and disabilities, and law-abiding, sociable, and moral, or would them to be stupid, ugly, diseased and disabled, criminally-inclined, unsociable, and immoral? If you have an opinion on this, pro or contrary, feel free to share. haha

  18. Why would they abandoned the idea? It seems perfectly sensible to me. If anything, We should support Eugenics with modern scientific research and keep enforcing it.

    Yet it's too late. The Gene pool had already been tainted. Good job America. Another step towards degeneracy.

  19. Honestly i See no problem with the policy and the theory.

    Yes. Illness and disability are not cause by Genes. But elimination of genes with flaws could certainly solve many problems and save the scared resources. If anything, Eugenics should be back in 21st Century, with the support of our advanced genetic science today.

  20. With our greater understanding of genetics the issue should be looked at again. It may prevent the fall in intelligence that we are seeing.

  21. We are seeing the same philosophy rear its ugly head once again. Eugenics is being taught as good in schools. And because of the massive migration we are seeing this ideology being argued again. I am frightened by the lack of humanity coming out of politicians mouths like abortion is a right as the target black neighborhoods even today. The black population has decreased down to 12% from 20% from the 1960’s. People don’t know their history and are repeating it. Every person born has a god given right to live. No select few should impede that.

  22. Ha! I share the December 28 birthday with the 28th US President who backed this mess.. Good ole Woodrow Wilson (yuck!).

  23. To those bashing the so-called "inferior" in whatever way, I have four things to say.
    1. Unless you're the strongest, smartest, bravest, prettiest, etc. person out there, the same comments you make against them can be used by even stronger, smarter, braver, prettier people against YOU by someone superior to you. Be careful what standards you set. It could bite you in the ass.

    2. A smart white collar criminal is worse than a kind-hearted, honest "stupid" person. The last does much less damage than the first, and has no remorse about it besides. Need I say more?

    3. Some "idiots" can be helped, via reeducation/training out of miseducation, or speaking to them in ways that resonate with their learning/thinking process (high-functioning autism, social skills impairment, poor day-to-day judgment, dyslexia -formerly considered an idiocy 100 or so years ago), throwing them under the bus therefore costs society a lot of potential high achievers (scientists, doctors, engineers, financiers, entrepreneurs, novelists, scrpitwriters, directors, actors, musicians, artists).

    4. You misunderstand the proper role of scorn. It's use is only for people who consciously and deliberately set out to hurt, harm, and demean others outside the scope of self-defense. If they didn't intend to do that bad, then they're likely to feel great regret. If they don't hurt, harm, or degrade anyone, then that's simply pure bullying.

  24. Also, consider this claim: I. Strength, intelligence, fearlessness, and productivity are the main measure of a conscious entity's worth. II. Robots of the future (Skynet, the robots in the movie "I, Robot", the Borg, the Cybermen) are stronger, smarter, braver, and more intelligent than humans. III. Therefore, robots with superhuman intelligence and strength and productivity have more right to exist than humans. See my point?

  25. Eugenics should be implemented through tax. So welfare recipients to not be awarded for having more children. And – the most important – tax advantage should be allowed to productive members of society – engineers and tradies – not to parasites from offices. Offices parasites and welfare parasites, two sides of same coin.

  26. What the Nazis did was right out of the eugenics play book. The american left shares these same ideas and support the purest of evil!.. Wake up America!

  27. The Catholic Church was behind "what" exactly? Saying that the Church was behind something, but then not saying what that something is, is a clear sign of a lying slanderer. I watched this whole video waiting to find an explanation for the unspecified accusation leveled against the Church and one is nowhere to find.
    The Catholic Church has always been against Eugenics, and still is. While most lemmings sit on their asses watching TV/Internet, basking in the comfort of oblivious complacency, the Catholic Church has been fighting the disgusting scourge of Eugenics and legalized abortion.

  28. Your piece is well done, well thought out, and the ending with you walking into the camera almost like getting into my personal space and saying….
    Raising eyebrows…
    How can this topic even be spoken about out in public?
    The horror of the human race, passing off as if science, is our consciousness…a debatable subject?

    Human life is too be toyed with…experimented on at the thrill of another…isn't that alone a severe mental illness? Called psychotic sociopaths in the criminally insane…yet hang a degree upon the wall and it is in the name of science such monstrous manners occurr….shudder.

    This is one seriously depraved society…but what do you expect when Thee Creator is divorced and replaced with a substandard step dad!

  29. So what they are actually saying is get rid of blacks and religion, then again maybe that's why there's such support for Nazism, as in the German sterilization and death of the insane and feeble of mind through extermination and implementation of encouraged pregnancy through the top German solders , allowing Germany today to be the most intellectual people

  30. How is it that the German Nazi party is almost always the group that gets singled out. Numerous have.

    3.1 International law      Yet Japan among others have used eugenics including Israel  In the late 2000s, reports in the Israeli media claimed that injections of long-acting contraceptive Depo-Provera had been forced on hundreds of Ethiopian-Jewish immigrants both in transit camps in Ethiopia and after their arrival in Israel. In 2009, feminist NGO Haifa Women's Coalition published a first survey on the story, which was followed up by Israeli Educational Television a few years later.

    3.2 Bangladesh
    3.3 Canada
    3.4 China 
    3.5 Denmark
    3.6 Germany
    3.7 India
    3.8 Israel
    3.9 Japan
    3.10 Peru
    3.11 Russia
    3.12 South Africa
    3.13 Sweden
    3.14 Switzerland
    3.15 United States    Lots of politics involved in this

  31. Governments today don’t even want intelligent or healthy people. They want us to be stupid and docile so we are easier to control.

  32. Why not just kill them… I mean I dont support this idea at all, but being logical it would be far easier to just kidnap and publicly execute them then trying convince people. at the end of the day its pretty much the samething

  33. All major socialist factions of the time flirted with eugenics, to include the Bolsheviks.


  34. White hetero male here. #1 target for eugenics today I'm sure. If I get sterilized against my will, and without consent, there will be blood.

  35. Eugenics was blamed because there were no other means than terrible deeds in those days.

    If we can cure our health degradation over generation, it will be rather inhumane to ignore that.

    I hope new techs like AI & policies shifted to health, education will uplift ourselves humanely 💖.

    https://ameblo.jp/lovelucifer/entry-12266020322.html / https://ameblo.jp/lovelucifer/entry-12380764530.html

  36. Monsanto is part of the atrocities because they use genetic engineering for their plants. Someone asked why, and I can't find that
    Comment again

  37. That makes sense because the eugenics wars, which was a series of wars in star trek history, was based entirely on genetic engineering. Star trek may have been fictional, but it was very scientific

  38. No one in today’s rotten yet “virtuous” society could ever grasp how these people thought in that era. Albeit tough for most to understand, these eugenicists wanted a prosperous society.

  39. Tha Big Plan ➡️ Master Race Chipped Slaves… NWO UN Agenda 21…no fuel… why you can't run far…

  40. Ask why are Liberals Democrats pushng to pull guns ban cars planes…very odd strange right .. it's the plan.. WAKE UP

  41. Land of the free home of the brave yeah right land of the slave home of the bully is more like it

  42. Looking at the YAY, I HAVE A GOODLY HERITAGE inscription on the medal (although it’s not that clear to see) was chilling, because that’s basically putting eugenicist messages into the minds of CHILDREN who do not completely know what’s ethically right or wrong!!!

    It’s even more chilling, because I technically have a disability myself (I am on the autism spectrum, evne though I am high-functioning), and knowing what I know about eugenics, if I were to be born 100 years ago or more, I would probably be considered a “degenerate” and “weak person.” Sure, I can be a bit crazy in my thoughts, and I can be a bit of a lunatic and on-edge, and I do think about the underprivileged, but that is my personality, and nobody but I, myself, can change it. And let’s get one thing straight, I never wish to kill or harm anyone in any way; I am a person of good intentions.

    Thus, it truly angers me that eugenics—such a morally and ethically wrong idea—was allowed to exist in the USA and the world. Not only does it anger ME as a technically disabled person, but also think about this idea through the eyes of someone of a different race or ethnicity, like a Black, Native, Asian, or Hispanic person, living in that time period.


  44. Eugenics works! We do it for our pets/livestock, there's no reason why we shouldn't be doing it to the human population. It would be a better world if only the top of the top were allowed to breed.

  45. Eugenics isn't unethical, but it can lead to a monarchist regime like what happened with Khan noonien Singh because the 'weak' would be oppressed and a caste system would come into place

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