Watch full South Carolina Democratic debate | CBS News

Watch full South Carolina Democratic debate | CBS News


  1. Lmao and yet we have the best economy in 50yrs. These Democrats are a joke and they are the reason why trump will take the 2020 vote with a massive landslide….just watch and see

  2. joe biden was apart of sex traffic with the other politicians on cape cod. people i know close to me suffered its not about politics its facts. ive tried to have these people expose it hope the do someday.

  3. #1:34:06 The little billionaire man said it himself, "I spent $100 million on 21 Democrats to help elect…. I bought… I got them." He spent $100 million to buy Democrats so those Democrats will do his bidding (like he's trying to buy this election). That's called bribery. It's blatant corruption in our government that's why nothing gets done that will help the regular American people. Only the issues that help the 1% get pushed, and the working class gets buried and forgotten. Shameful!!!

  4. A question for Senator pocahantes ; should we move our embassy ?!!!
    It’s not our embassy , let the Palestinians and Israelis decide !!!!

  5. Socialism = Maoism is a variety of Marxism–Leninism that Mao Zedong developed for realizing a socialist revolution. Do not let this happen in the USA. All of these candidates lean toward total government rule and invasion into our personal lives.

  6. None of these people care about the black community. The democratic policy is to continue to add more social programs to help minorities. In reality these programs are designed to control them. They do not promote an uplifting mentality, but a pity me mentality. They say you’re not good enough to get yourself there, so here is the easier route around everyone else who is able to do so. All that is telling someone is they are lower than everyone else for something that is out of their control, when in reality it is their own destiny to decide where they go, and they have complete control. Stop driving America apart by blaming other people for a problem that can be eliminated by hard work.

  7. Pete Buttigieg is simply the most annoying human being that I've ever seen on T.V. If he wins the nomination I don't think I'll be able to stomach voting for the Democratic party. curious as to why Kloubachar and Buttigieg and Steyer are now polling worse nationally than Andrew Yang but he's not on the stage? is it because, like other news organizations, CBS is racist and helped destroy his candidacy?

  8. yr jokes r nice, but try this: Guy/girls try to work with African
    Americans, especially older people or with parents of your fiends! In
    SC, TX, Fl, LA etc. they might go for status quo, for Biden or for
    billionaires. Main point trust. Bernie will not change his dedication to
    working people, as he didn't for more than 50 years. 8hr fork – living
    wage, free universal kindergarten up to preK, higher edu for caregivers,
    10M subsidized apts (like in Vienna Austria), free college or vocation
    training, f***ng student loans canceled. Talk to grandma and pa, they
    still love u! Bernie2020.

  9. There’s no point in even televising these democratic debates. There isn’t a single candidate on that stage that could even step into the ring with Trump.

  10. Oh! Ya! Comrade Bernie, Healthcare in Cuba is so great, they had to get a Spanish Doctor flown in to treat Comrade Fidel.
    Education was really indoctrination where they got children to read, but it was so the could read The Little Red Book, Moa’s views on controlling the masses.

  11. Most of the homeless are in California so talk to your Democrat friend Nancy Pelosi about homelessness. Tell her to worry about them instead of impeachment!

  12. White Antifa is fighting against white supremacy. They follow white Karl Marx's supreme ideology. They don't follow brown Gandhi or black ML King. Hehee hohoo white supremacy has got to go! Hehhee ho……5x

  13. There it’s is….Warren wants to enact a progressive agenda…which means Warren will take orders from Soros and Clinton

  14. America you should stay away from these bunch of people, they are all fake disgrace, awful pathetic shame on all these politics they have been working in Washington 40 years and so what.

  15. #1:34:24 The little billionaire man said that the debt is $20 trillion going on $21 trillion. The $20 trillion debt was in 2016 when Obama left. Now, with Dump at the helm, it's over $23 TRILLION.

  16. This Debate shows we need to stop having live audience so this no longer becomes a spectacle and allow each candidate the opportunity to actually answer the questions instead of pausing for an applaud with their cheap shots. How about we treat these debates with the seriousness as they used to be.

  17. 🔥
    📈📈📈📈deserves this place in trending 📈📈📈📈
    0:38 🔥💯

  18. Warren has become the face of everything that is wrong with #Metoo. A woman told her something happened, and for Warren, that is ALL that is required to play judge, jury, executioner. Anyone with that terrifying wiillingness to bypass due process to declare guilt is NOT fit for any leadership in the US Gov't.

  19. They were VERY UNFAIR to Tom Steyer! Okay he's not the most popular candidate, but IF HE'S ON THAT STAGE HE DESERVES a right to be heard!

  20. I had to turn the volume down when pocahontas started talking she grates my nerves. She's a liar! It's been proven she was not fired from her teaching job.

  21. So basically, after managing to get through it all.. Russia Russia Russia and white people are racist. For two hours. Wow. The fact that this is a leftist news channel with leftist viewers and has such a bad like ratio is really telling.

  22. Though it’s tad bit late, Mike Bloomberg actually is an important addition to this panel. His achievement in the education sector is undoubtably phenomenal. His donations more than 2 billion US dollars (out of many more) to the Johns Hopkins community as financial aid speak for it. I am a commoner in the education sector who is highly benefited!

  23. Warren seems to not personally like Bloomberg, she probably knows she's not winning the nomination so she is taking Bloomberg down

  24. If you're going to call Biden "vice president", I better hear "president" Trump and not "Mr." Trump. You might not like him, but he is still our leader and people have voted him in office so give him respect.

  25. Steyer is right about a senate change.. Vote their butts out to change the on going racist landscape .. Restitution Restorative justice Reparations Now for #ADOS♥️

  26. Joe Biden "This is the United States of America there's not a d*mn thing we haven't been able to do once we put our mind to it"

    The Masses: The National Debt, Equality, Actually being United…

  27. Bernie Sanders speaks and promises exactly like Vladimir Lenin, the father of Communism, Lenin did same things as all other communists do- they took everything away from the rich and middle class people, it lasted for about two years, than he took everything from farmers and workers, causing famine and civil war, a farmers whole family got shut even for hiding 10 pounds of potatoes,

  28. 95% of questions are just petty politics and demagogy, almost never hitting substance. 60% answers are petty politics and demagogy. I am sure republicans won't do better. If one trains everyday to avoid real dialogue, to turn their back on intellectual honesty, to insult reason and disregard data, history and the simplest of facts. If that's the way one aims at winning a debate, at securing the leadership of a whole nation, how could such a type of person qualify to be a true leader? The world needs true statesmen and stateswomen. Without that kind of leadership and stature, problems like global warming, poverty, racism, fundamentalism, terrorism, economic and social fairness, great powers competition, nuclear risk, will never get solved, or rather, addressed, contained and overcome.

  29. While I agree that Medicare for all and free education are good, Bernie is an opportunist who would destroy USA. He is a communist who would destroy American economy and will be an authoritarian like Stalin. Bernie is a demagogue with no moral values, he will say anything to get elected and do anything to stay in power

  30. Bloomberg made and making his money on Wall St. He is for Wall St. Status Quo. Goldman Sacks capitalism or Venezuela socialism (btw they were doing just fine w/out US oil embargo). And nothing in the middle (like road, schools etc all socialism). We should stand for them also to end the wars and killing of native Americans Amazon forest defenders. If Sanders2020 then fascist, mafioso Bolsonaro will be gone too and Lula the president of Brazil. Same in Bolivia, Honduras, Columbia, Ecuador, Argentina etc. And a lot of latinos may actually return to the countries they love. To make is smarter we should help them with small loans there. Win win.

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