WATCH: Republican Senators Discuss Border Wall Security Funding Deal

WATCH: Republican Senators Discuss Border Wall Security Funding Deal


  1. Worst Leadership in the world? It’s the Congressional Republicans in both the House and Senate of course! Absolutely worthless! I don’t know how they get out of bed and look in the mirror each day! I’m leaving this party of weaklings, no more contributions, no more votes.

  2. It’s amazing how you Republican lawmakers hide so well from the Democrats. You’re obviously too scared to speak up and defend and fight for President Trump and it’s a disgrace. The only time we hear from you is when you come out agains something President Trump wants to pass. You look like cowards.

  3. We didn’t ask for a down payment….. We The People pay y’all public servants…. build the wall are find a different job! Don’t dare turn non of those illegals loose! Lock them up and y’all will be in there with there butts

  4. It's a down payment for more wall!?! How much more wall?
    I call bs on both sides. None of you could negotiate your way out of a box.
    President Trump is the only reason anything has gotten done in this country.

  5. The Dems should have included DACA, think this was their chance. If Trump calls a national emergency, just wait until Dem is President and can for healthcare because people dying, and climate change, because of ice melting and the effect on planet and humans… careful what you wish for!!!

  6. I hope he don't sign a bill with less beds for illegal criminals and not the money he wanted, say no thank you ! AND DONT SIGN

  7. Old white racists. Loosing their last fight….it would be sad if they didn't deserve it. Why didn't you do this FIRST??? You had the ENTIRE government. You can't blame democrats for your mistakes..its over…you had your chance and blew it. It's over. And you know it. Put a down payment on DEEZ NUTZ

  8. The current republican establishment need to be removed for treason and sedition! They have abandoned the president the party and the people of the United states.SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT,STOP THEIR PAY,BENEFITS, HEALTH CARE AND PERKS! IMPOSE TERM LIMITS(ALL CURRENT POLITICIANS TERMS TO BE CONSIDERED ENDED) MONEY AND POWER HUNGRY DEEPSTATE SCUM!

  9. I’m so tired of these OLD FOGIES who have yet to grow a pair. How dare MM say the POTUS got what he wanted. He didn’t ask for a down payment.

  10. Shut the government down PRESIDENT TRUMP!!! Spineless Republicans as always. BUILD THE WALL, SIGNED THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CITIZENS!!!

  11. The clown Dems won again! How tragic, Trump SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT! The Republicans are a joke on this topic,,, We the People LOST AGAIN!!!

  12. Who are they kidding? Mitch McConnel is married to Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, her father is a shipping magnate, he is very wealthy (he gave $40 million dollars To Harvard University) he also gave $25 million dollars to Mitch McConnel (Senate majority leader) and his wife Elaine ( it was a gift because Mitch’s investments took a hit). Any body believe that? Port authority found illegal drugs on one of Elaine Chaos Fathers ships just recently (2yrs). These ships also deliver to ports in Mexico. Do you see the connection? Elaine Chao’s father ships illegal drugs, Chao makes any arrest go away, Mitch McConnel controls the Senators and keeps the border open so coyotes can bring the drugs across the border. Call your Senators, (202) 224-3121 tell them you want the wall fully funded. Then call or email Mitch McConnel and tell him the same or you will work to have him unseated. McConnel also recently threatened Impeachment if Trump removed the troops from Afghanistan, Mitch has to go, he was bought by his father in law. Look up Cocaine Mitch.

  13. The wall for all Americans people safety of the United States 🇺🇸 security because the wall is not for business company President Donald Trump Team don’t need to deal with Democrats Party because the wall for all Americans people of the United States 🇺🇸 Democrats Party needs to do complete funding 5.7 billion to build the wall If Democrats Party doesn’t funding the wall.Please get out the congress senate in the white house of the United States 🇺🇸 national we all Americans people don’t need Democrats to do for us no more take money for all Americans people Democrats Party people need go home get applying new job to working the same all Americans people citizens.God bless President Trump Team🇺🇸🇺🇸💪💪👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️God bless all Americans people safety 🇺🇸🇺🇸👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️Trump 2020 many many of years

  14. Here is the real problem with our immigration it is employers. I work in construction and I see immigrants working in the non-technical trades everyday. They are working for $50 a day in some cases all without taxes being taken out. I witnessed where man pulls up in the truck with a roll of cash and divi's it out 2 Spanish-speaking workers. Republicans do not want to bring up this issue the workers being hired illegally being paid without having taxes taking that out. This is what is suppressing wages in the trades.

  15. Hang all these Rinos. Congress is useless. Think we need to vote out most of these incumbents. Get real Americans in office who are looking to work for Americans not their bank account. Mitch you are toast.

  16. President Trump has no choice but to wait for the next midterms. Stinks.
    Can the Go fund Me Wall money be use? If so I’m giving more.
    People pray. If our prayers don’t influence this politicians, evil will.

  17. A big FU to Mitch McConnel and all the decepticon SOBs in congress!
    Don't worry, our wonderful President Trump will outsmart you… and you will all burn in hell as traitors to your people and your nation!!

  18. The Chamber of Commerce traitors don't want to curtail illegal illegal immigration.
    DummyCrappers want voters.
    RepubliCrapppers want cheap labor for Big Business.

  19. We the people don’t want a down payment it’s our money we want the full F**KEN WALL. F**K foreign AID until WALL is BUILD.

  20. That's not a deal that's a win for Pelosi. No Obama care repeal, no wall and tax refund 10% less. This is the end of his presidency.

  21. Ya know they told Trump that they would impeach him if he done a national emergency.Yes the damn republicans threatened him .They are as bad as the Democrats.

  22. The republicans along with the idiot democrats don’t give one rats ass about the American people period !!!! Go trump!!!!

    INVESTIGATE crooked rat politicians💰🗳💎🍸✈️💵🐀🐀🐀💰🐀💰🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀💥🔨

  24. Will you listen to this horseshit…Down Payment. 55 miles. 1.3 B. I can not stand Politicians anymore. Nothing but lies and stealing from the American people. All these scum bags want open borders because they are making money off all the illegal activity coming through it. These assholes all belong in prison.

  25. We the people who are suppose to matter hope he doesn't supports it, it's a crap deal 55 mile is 3 times the amount of what he had ? And for all that we just have to deal with 17% of the Violet criminals to reside in our neighborhoods thanks guys we feel so much worse than we did yesterday.

  26. I don't see where dems are going with this….they keep saying there is no border problem yet agree 1.3 billion dollars!!!!! If there's no problem why agree funding!!!!!they also agreed more milage of wall before trump !!!!! And trump was elected with his campaign promises off a wall meaning most Americans wanted a wall !!!!! Don't sign and stick it out trump.

  27. Man I wonder how many republicans brains will explode if they find out more immigrants come from the north rather than the south

  28. Who really doesn’t want to make America SAFE? The Republican Majority Leaders for the 115th Congress Don’t by their actions.

    Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, Kevin McCarthy of California, Steve Scalise of Louisiana, Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington, Doug Collins of Georgia, Jason T Smith of Missouri, Steve Stiver of Ohio, Luke Messer of Indiana. These are the people that gave President Trump only 1.6 billion for the Border Wall Improvements ONLY ( NO NEW WALL ) in 2018 under the Department of Homeland Security Budget appropriated by the Omnibus Bill of 2018. We don’t need to blame Democrats for not wanting a secure border we need to blame these House Republican Majority Leaders for their inability to MAKE AMERICA SAFE. The Military however which I indeed support received an additional 61 BILLION that year….which begs the question Maybe we should just wait until there is a war on our southern border because then these People may give us the money to protect American FAMILIES. These People should be ashamed to call themselves AMERICANS.

  29. Shelby should be ashamed of himself. Only a member of Congress could face a microphone or camera and call an absolute failure a success. Look at these bastards. What they are saying, like an excuse, only sounds good to those who make them. This was an ultimate swamp move. Without constituents berating and holding these feckless bastards accoubtable, nothing will change. Delay, confound, ignore, produce nothing. What a disaster these people are.

  30. Congress is so dysfunctional that Trump will probably not get all of his nominees approved to positions in his administration in place at all because of the typical games that are played in the Capital building. I see no sense of urgency with these people.

  31. Shut the government down, get rid of all this phony congress and elect real Americans to take over where these morons refuse to do what the American people want!

  32. If I remember correctly, the wall was to be built years and years ago, the can gets kicked down the road over and over again, now they want Trump to allow them to kick the can again….hell no, shut down the whole damn corrupt government until the wall is built, then replace every spineless, loser Republican with a real American with a conscience!

  33. Once again, you have all failed to do your job! Stop letting President Trump do all the heavy lifting. Why didn't you give him a better deal!? Try and grow a pair, will ya.

  34. Sense WHEN … does some nobody … new congress person get the opportunity to walk in and set forth an Anti-American Bill to be considered …. let alone even gets to open their Socialist mouth and get get [consideration].
    Not only should this new GREEN deal NOT be put forth but her Socialist A$$ should be kicked out.

  35. Watch out Mitch … You may be surprised at what you GET when you set forth to Vote on this Green New Deal…..

    Some Socialist New Thinker may come up with a way to pay for it…. Maybe by Taking your retirement to PAY for it ….. Beware WHAT you start.

  36. Absolutely no pay increases for Congress or fed employees! And we may consider starting a citizen initiative ‘demand all security be denied and removed from all members of Congress’, they can live with what they are requiring all American citizens!

  37. What about amnesty? So less money, no reform of immigration, and Republicans call this good? and these idiots are talking up this deal like Americans are fools!

  38. Republicans had house and Senate for years did nothing. Lame rino speaker refused to put bills up. Backlog noticed by Americans. Paul Ryan scarred of own shadow Let it be known socialist takeover of house due to weak Ryan

  39. A white guy was drunk and hit my car the other day. He had a suspended license for DUI. The facts are there are more Americans committing crimes against Americans than illegals committing crimes. I don’t see how a border wall would decrease the crimes of Americans against Americans which is more of a problem than illegals. That’s the funny thing about this whole border wall debate. We have so many problems that are more serious than a wall to keep illegals out which experts have said isn’t efficient for the amount of money spent. Yes we need to protect the border but don’t spend the money in the most inefficient way to do it. That’s what the experts are saying. This whole debate is giving me a headache. I hear more on the news about Americans killing Americans than illegals killing Americans. Look at the guns on tv. It’s like 90% done by American citizens!!! Why is Trump trying to use illegal immigration as an excuse to build wall? Why can’t we use all the gun killings in America as an excuse to ban all guns then? That to me is more of a pressing issue. You hear and see it on the news almost every day. So many school shootings. We could use that as an excuse for a crisis to ban guns. All this political propaganda for a wall is obvious. Sure we have a problem at the borders, but guess what, we also have problems within the country with guns as well. So what do we do about that? Build a wall around every school and house?

  40. As horrible as the democrats are, the republicans aren't that much better. Apparently almost all of them have been bought and paid for by big business and the Chamber of Commence. They are not, and will not, work to represent the average American citizen, and will not protect our country from perpetual invasion. Shameful. I pray that Trump says NO DEAL and sends this turd bill back.

  41. Notice how they will fight against the "Green Deal" since it's a threat against big business. You can clearly see where their loyalties are.


  43. This is not a deal. All these people want Illegals to come in our Country.
    Only trump stands up for us. Hateful politicians. Republicans and Democrats.

  44. These RINO's look disappointed that Pres. Trump is getting what he is getting to begin with! They are all BOUGHT AND PAID FOR!!!! Kick the BUMS OUT!!!! They have been there for ever anyway!!!

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