Watch: Vindman corrects Devin Nunes: ‘It’s Lt. Col. Vindman, please’

Watch: Vindman corrects Devin Nunes: ‘It’s Lt. Col. Vindman, please’


  1. Politics is politics.u cant go at a person who serves this country.die for this country.politic look for reelection.the biggest lies come out their mouths.

  2. As a Veteran, Vindman's emphasis of Military rank shows a lack of humility.
    Officers like Vindman give Veterans a bad name.
    No decent officer plays rank games with a civilian.

  3. A year from now Vindman will find himself in charge of an ROTC unit at some public high school. Goodbye career and security clearance.

  4. Now that is a boy scout gone rogue, Nunez is not military the rogue boyscout demands to be addressed as lieutenant colonel dipshit, this loser needs to be investigated he was overheard talking to Russian soldiers about how ignorant Americans are, and the msm will have you believe what a great person he is another Avenatti case, where his true colors came out this guy is the same mess.

  5. Now that is a boy scout gone rogue, Nunez is not military the rogue boyscout demands to be addressed as lieutenant colonel dipshit, this loser needs to be investigated he was overheard talking to Russian soldiers about how ignorant Americans are, and the msm will have you believe what a great person he is another Avenatti case, where his true colors came out this guy is the same mess.

  6. Vindman makes me think he is either the whistleblower himself or put the whistleblower up to it. And Schiff must be wearing an adult diaper because they are getting very close to exposing the whole charade.

  7. Disgusting, how the White House, Moron Trump and his moron son and all the Reps and his disgusting supporters are trying to smear another (war) hero of the USA.

  8. This Vindman is a snooty one isn't he? I like when he talked about his resume and he changed it from the closed door testimony for the public testimony. He said he had to dummy it down. He's full of himself, the Lt. Col. never reported anything to the president. They missed that.

  9. Does this dickhead think he's the Jack Nicholson character in A Few Good Men? "I'd appreciate it if he'd address me as Colonel or Sir. I believe I've earned it."

  10. As a civilian When speaking directly to a service member, I’d use Mr./Mrs. Last Name. I’d probably stick with Mr./Mrs. being that you have no obligation to call them anything other than their name and its a professional way to address people. Service members aren’t going to demand you call them by their rank unless they are very egotistical. MISTER Vindman

  11. TO REPUBLICAN PARTY: If Whistleblower does not agree to testify WALK AWAY FROM THIS. Hold a meeting with all the House Republicans, Make a final statement so each member can have input, DELIVER A FINAL STATEMENT and WALK OUT OF THE SATANIC IMPEACHMENT CIRCUS. Let the demon rats score their "imaginary touchdown"
    Let the American people know you do not have time for this crap anymore. Don't play into satan's trap by legitimizing this. Let the Dems play this silly game by themselves. Sometimes best action is inaction.

  12. Nunes doesn't come across as intelligent. His prepared remarks especially had a dull-normal vibe. He's a chickenshit lackey for a vile dullard.

  13. You need to stop bad mouthing war vets/ purple heart patriots. You , and your Fox news people, have sickend me so bad, i will no longer watch Fox news, or support the President or the GOP, for such disrespect to a war vet of 20 yrs. Shame on you all.

  14. Soon to be stripped of any rank and convict Vindman. If he really cares for titles and ranks then he should respect Mr. President. But he doesn't. He is born in Kiiv Ukraine? He is probably a mole.

  15. And the irony of this is that what Vidman said in response to Nunes is what a Republican sees as a strong virtue in a serviceman. The Republican party needs a major re-haul after Trump exits.

  16. Orange man good.
    Orange man good.
    La la la la la I can't hear anyone that served the country.
    I'll listen to bone spurs on Twitter.

  17. I came here expecting something juicy. It's all over social media like this was important. Democrats failing at its finest.

  18. Are they stupid or else, Republicans common, please stop playing around, Liar in chief tell us everything about the PERFECT call and Mulvane corroborated, get over with, remember? Yea you do, want to play the clown? forget it, there's one already and he is orange and overrated, get it.

  19. Republicans today chose to defend the draft Dodger instead of a purple heart recipient. Party for military veterans amiright?


  21. why doesnt Pompeo or Guliani or Mulvaney or Bolton or trump or Perry testify ???? could'nt they just explain this and stop this ??? oh wait they are all lying treasonous bastards thats why

  22. Ohhh soo the lawyer of the so called witness can dictate the chief creep schiff. If i can make a government i will fund for honesty kind of drug that when its in your system your mind will force you to tell the truth + a very advance lie detector machine and a neutral body language expert.

  23. "I do not know who the whistleblower is". After the deep-state operative gets exposed for KNOWING who the whistleblower is…"I've been advised by my councel not to blah, blah, blah". This creeper needs to be arrested for lying before congress.

  24. At this point, what difference does it make who the whistleblower is or what their motivations were? They pointed us to a situation where we are able to look and decide the facts for ourselves – we are not relying on them for the facts so who they are and why they showed us doesn't matter. This idea of exposing whistleblowers (especially in a situation like this where their superiors found the report to be congruent with the facts) and going after witness by either humiliating them or sidelining them professionally removes checks and balances and takes democracy backwards. It should universally be condemned.

  25. This is why the American people all turn to Fox News. The other media are hiding the truth. Do they really we buy the MSM nonsense?

  26. LtCol Vindman is due his title as is Ranking Member Nunes and President Trump.
    What really matters is the nature of his testimony. The LtCol is essentially telling us he did not like the Presidents policies or choice of words. He has forgotten that there is a chain of command within the military to express such concerns. Members of the military do not set Policy, they enforce policy as directed by appropriate authority. That authority in this case is POTUS. LtCol Vindman has become enthralled by his perceived position of power and influence in Washington to the effect that he should have input on national policy. His position is at best that of an advisor to those who do have authority to make such decisions. He is in fact breaking his chain of command and discussing confidential information. These actions might be accepted and acceptable for political appointees, but constitute an infraction of his sworn duties under the UCMJ and should be chargeable as such. LtCol Vindman guards his rank and title with more zeal than he shows in the performance of his duty.

  27. NO actual "war hero" demands to be called by rank – a scripted lying snake stolen valor cia POSER does that. This pasty faced doughboy is a fraud whose never been "in battle" nor earned a purple heart. He lied in his resume, he's LIED about everything else. He's a ds plant hack, that's it. Disgusting to steal valor – showing these radicals have NO bounds.

  28. Vindman: 'It's Lt. Col. Vindman, please'

    Nunes: (looks incredulous)

    Vindman: 'I might ask, if you can address me as Mr. Vindman, may I address you as Mr. Nunes as opposed to "Ranking Member"? Might I call you Davey?'

  29. Trump tried to get a foreign country to carry out an investigation by holding up military aid. That's corruption, mis-use of the power of the presidency for personal gain. It's clear.

  30. funny how people call some one who has hella guts to serve the united states in combot a cowerd..but those same people are or support draft dodgers pussys

  31. It’s already been admitted by AOC that this is just a bs tactic to sway votes in 2020. No quid pro quo, no collusion, no bribery. TRUMP 2020!

  32. They should allow me to call him Mr. because I call Trump: Son-of-a-fking-bytch Trump all the time, along with OrangeGutan in the Oval Office, A55hole Trump, Criminal, Chaos President

  33. Rep Schiff has violated congressional testimony procedure. Lt Col Vindman cannot plead the fifth and have his own counsel not call it pleading the fifth simply because Rep Schiff made a rule for this hearing. Lt Col Vindman can answer the question, plead the fifth, decline to answer the question in this public hearing but offer to answer in a private questioning or be held in contempt.

    If this does go to the Senate, Sen McConnel will motion to throw this impeachment proceedings out based on insufficient testimony for articles of impeachment or based on hearsay evidence of articles of impeachment or both.

  34. Non military are not required to address them by their rank. That was totally condescending and cocky arrogance. No respect for him or his lies.

  35. The moment where Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman tells that this is America where law and justice matters, he states all of his brothers serve in the army, that is the difference between a slogan by a draft dodger Make America Great Again, and a person who makes America Great.

  36. Shitty Schiff witness tampering let's start with that! Farce and scam is what this is!! Arrest all involved with this Coup attempt now it's TREASON!!

  37. If you get up and go to work every day than you know this military guy. He's the middle manager that knows everything and is a basic schmuck and his incompetence never seems to catch up to him. Today I think it has for this clown. Take a good look at a parasite that sucks up your tax dollars.

  38. Nunes need at least 20 hrs ADAP Like how in Law 101; In hopes he can learn how to ask Valid questions and Address Military Personel.

  39. As a former Marine, you can always suspect the character of an Officer when he seeks correction on his title. These Officers are the biggest losers within the military. They always seek validation from others below them in order to boost their ego. Also, just because you served in the military doesn't make you the most moral honest person in the world. I know plenty of servicemen and women who have dont horrible things.

  40. No one picked up on one thing. Lt. Col Vindman is a member of the military, therefore his part in all of this bears more consequence than the others. The Commander in Chief is his TOP superior so, did he abandon his post in doing what he did.?

  41. It’s Vindman, forever known as the dip**it leaker of non-**it! Hence forth he will be known as Little Weasel Democrat Puppet!

  42. Vinman looks and acts like he still lives in his parents basement never had a girlfriend and is still a virgin he got his uniform from the party costume store it is his biggest day ever and will end up in jail after getting caught fondling the neighbors dogs balls and peeping in there bedroom window

  43. Republicans/ Trump Cultists are willing to TRASH a decorated war Vet to protect lying, Draft dodging, Bone Spurs Trump.
    Let that sink in. So much for saying you're "pro-military & Veterans". But I'm glad you dummies are giving us plenty of ammo to use! LMAO

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