‘We cannot be radical enough’: David Attenborough urges action on climate emergency

‘We cannot be radical enough’: David Attenborough urges action on climate emergency

The government have
accepted the 2050 target. There are other organisations,
which are urging us to go a lost faster, to 2025. Do you think those, that
2025 target would be realistic? Or do you think the 2050
figure is much more realistic? – I don’t know. In a way, I would
think that that is not the way of focusing the problem. We cannot be radical enough
in dealing with the issues that press us at the moment. The question is, what is
practically possible? How can we take the
electorate with us in dealing with these things. The most encouraging thing
that I see of course, is that the electors of tomorrow
are already making themselves, their voices very, very clear and that
is a source of great comfort in a way, but also of
justification and reality that these people, young people
now are recognising that their world is what
is the future. I’m OK, you know, for
the next decade. I’m OK, and all of us here
are OK, because we won’t face the problems that are coming
but the problems in another 20, 30 years are
really major problems that are going to cause
great social unrest and great changes in the way
that we live, in what we eat, and how we live and so on. That’s gonna happen.


  1. Climate change has shifted from being something in an indeterminate future to being here and now and impossible to overlook. World news, the weather and it's events, documentaries and individual impressions all point in one direction and on acceleration. Farage is the king of climate change deniers and it could become one aspect that sinks the lying would be demagogue.

  2. This is our Great David Attenborough speaking, of all the people to take seriously, it is he. 😔🌳🌲🦅🌍💙

  3. "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it" Goebbels is proud of you Britain.

  4. Given the climate emergency it makes sense to restrict all travel for the majority of people. Not only would this help to foster the kind of unique local cultures we are quickly losing but it would also radically reduce emissions.

    Some people still ought to be granted travel privileges however, guardian reading travellers such as myself, who can fully appreciate and immerse themselves in the local cultures…

  5. Not radical enough ? We could just blunder make all the mistakes deflecting the sun as we've been doing

  6. Shut down China !! This will help climate big way . Start making things that last not feed rubbish bins after one use . :"Made in China"

  7. David, even if the UK produced net zero carbon emissions tomorrow, that doesn't remove the fact that China, India and America are by far the biggest polluters on this planet. You're pissing in the wind trying to get anything done by talking to the people of the UK. If you want to make real change go and talk to the heads of those countries polluting far more than ours.

  8. Sure, why don't China and India show us how to save the environment? Aren't they the leaders of the world?

  9. This will mean rich elites like Attenborough carrying on as usual. Whereas, the rest of the masses will be trundling around on bicycles, and eating berries. No thank you David, I'd sooner keep the BMW 330i. What will be will be.

  10. I'm afraid climate collapse and social breakdown could happen within ten years. Read Jem Bendell's, Deep Adaptation:
    A Map for Navigating

  11. Cheap, plentiful and reliable fossil fuels feed us, keep us warm in the winter and cold in the summer. Where humanity has cheap, plentiful and reliable fossil fuels we have thrived. Hydrocarbons power all industry and all civilization and will continue to do so until ultimately nuclear takes over the lions share of the burden…the base load. This fool, his febrile nonsense, and his credulous man-made climate change emergency flock are going to cost lives due to expensive energy.

    You and your families should enjoy fossil fuels whilst they last…they've trebled your life expectancy!


    Woolly Mammoth roamed Siberia a few thousand years ago, not now, it's too bloody cold!!!

  12. Well With great respect, but I think time for change has run out. All signs show that it’s going much faster than expected, even if we stop completely now.

  13. He is 93 years old, but thinks he's OK for the next decade?????? Blimey mate, sit down and let others do the graft you're worked hard enough you don't need to work till you're 103, yikes.

  14. it is frightening and very telling how many people in the comments don't even agree with the concept of climate catastrophe, nevermind what David is even saying.
    Its people like you who are the real villains. Enough stupidity may as well be malice.

  15. Why do most climate scientists disagree with these climate alarmists? Why are they being ignored? Why do the global elite want to sell us expensive fuels and destroy our way of life?

  16. And just to give you some incentive, the reason why so much inaction continues to happen is largely because major industries like fossil fuel and oil giants pay to misinform the public, and lobby politicians to lick their boots while they fund and influence military warfare to expand their oil addiction- all because choosing sustainable, renewable energy would mean stopping what they are currently doing and admit that it's wrong.

  17. The IPCC is killing all life on the planet. We do not consent. Climate Geoengineering is a horrific science experiment gone bad. Stop the Paris Accord of 2015.

  18. And the dinosaur said: "There is no such thing as climate change." The next day an asteroid hit the Earth. Gpx

  19. The attitude of the human race is simple."Plenty of time.Let others sort out the problem when the time comes".(As the last blade of grass,the last drop of water and the last breath of air disappear.)

  20. They love to talk but use an electric scooter instead of a fossil fuel burner and they come down on you.

  21. We can be radical enough we can always be radical enough and we can be to radical. Take a look to the green new deal

  22. The electorate of tomorrow of course has been drilled literally live-long in repeating the arguments of the likes of Attenbourough.

  23. ‘Cannot be radical enough’. Does that mean extinction rebellion type maniacs continuing to block streets and preventing ambulances from getting through?

  24. CON
    (If you really want to help the climate then why ain't solar panels free?).
    The world's climate has always changed. Ice ages and droughts is the way the earth kills bacteria and refreshing the air. Trees and algae and soil are the filters.
    If the earth went through millions of years of toxic air from volcanic eruptions and still managed to clean it up.

    Nobody can stop climate change its a cycle of the earth.

  25. The more you understand the problem the more urgent you realise it is. So far the effort to do anything about it has been close to zero. Emissions continue to rise year on year. Because the rest of the world is advancing, yes, but also because we have been twiddling our thumbs instead of putting money into R&D, so only now are only now getting to the point where renewables start to compete on price.

  26. Coming from a man who probably has more air miles under his belt than the average pilot. Yes price the lower class out of air travel. Make it the plaything of the rich again. I'm sure the likes of Emma Thompson won't struggle to pay for a ticket. This is just another assault on the lower classes..

  27. Expanding our economies is the wrong path to avert climate change. A freeze on economic expansion should be implemented on our small island nation, with a freeze on population expansion which has increased our carbon footprint beyond what our small island nation is capable of supporting. Economic expansion is serviced by the introduction of more people to service the demand. A natural managed contraction of our population should be implemented immediately by closing the doors and letting nature take its course over the next few generations.

  28. Respect to Sir David for all he's done but seriously… this rhetoric is getting old now. The globe warms (and cools). The climate changes (always) and weather CAN be extreme.

  29. Such a shame that pollution and carbon emissions are so conflated in the public mind. Pollution through discarded plastics and badly-run industries is a huge problem Carbon emission just isn't. The science is dubious to say the least, yet attention is focused almost entirely on this issue.

  30. If the world don't want to listen to this guy they can kiss the world goodbye in the not to distant future greed rules a planet being held to ransom by the curse of money.

  31. Conservatives have stalled action on climate change for DECADES.. they are a threat to humanity & will suffer the consequences ONE DAY

  32. The sun changes the climate not humans.
    CO2 is a natural gas. The earth naturally produces CO2 98% and humans only 2%.
    NASA recently released that the earth is the greenest it's been in 10 years.
    Plants need CO2 to grow.
    Humans do not change the climate the sun does!

  33. The climate will and has changed whatever humans do. Volcanoes, earthquakes, thunderstorms, rain will occur long after humans are on this planet. The planet is one large recycle bin. in several million years the entire surface will change. What is currently above water will be at the bottom of the ocean, and the seabed will become the highest mountain tops. All those cities will be recycled over time. That is what earth does and if you think humans can stop that donate all your money to the people that say that can stop it from happening and maybe you will feel better inside but you can't stop earth from doing what it does. Not going to happen. Just do a little reading. No amount of money can stop earth from recycling. Keep dreaming..

  34. One of the World's great men, and he's right but there has to be a trade off. With the next gen being super consumers they will need to curtail consumerism.

  35. Jezis si zobral ludi a deti do neba aby nemuseli prežit tie problemy ktore pridu. Ti ktori zostali stale mozu ist do neba. Oni pridu po vas a vas zabiju kvoli ježiskovi.
    Modlite sa Budte pokojny a nerobte paniku.
    Ak pride vas cas tak spomente si ze jezis zomrel pre vas.
    Ja som daval pozor a vedel som ze to pride preto som to napisal este ked som bol tu. Povedal by som vam to ale neverili by ste mi. Uz je tu koniec sveta a zachvilu pride nas kral a spravi poriadok. Ak by ste citali bibliu neboli by ste prekvapeny. Toto co sa teraz deje je to čo sa muselo stat. Proroctsvo sa naplnilo.
    Radujte sa ste blizko k boziemu kralovstvu.
    Ja a boh chceme aby kazdy z vas isiel do neba. Tam hore je to krasne a neuveritelne ale boh…. tak on je na nezaplatenie. Milujem ho. Aj vas.
    Ti ktori si daju ten znak a budu nasledovat antikrista idu automaticky do pekla.
    Oni su z pekla. Veelkyyy klamari a demoni
    Cakame aj z jeziskom na vas ❤
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    Budte silny a statocny jezis je s vami. Nebojte sa smrti Ani to neboli prejde sekunda a pridu po vas anjeli a privezu vas do neba
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  36. Setup one of the Factories that changed plastics back into fuel. Set this up in the third world. Pay people to collect plastics to put into the factory. Subsidise the collection of plastics from the sea.This could make a genuine difference. Recycle plastic.

  37. VERY BIG PROBLEM METHANE IS A BIG BOMB , every day coming 200.000 new polluters to this planet. Nobody will stop this and oil is used more and more. So take your health insurance cards, possessions, money, credit cards, language skills, diplomas and fancy titles. In 10 till 12 years you can burn it with the rest of this planet

  38. David Attenborough: polluting planet may become as reviled as slavery ► https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2019/jul/09/david-attenborough-young-people-give-me-hope-on-environment

  39. Attenborough may be a man of the natural sciences , yet he does not understand the total contribution Darwin gave to science. Darwin didn't just 'describe the natural world, he abstracted a law of relationship between things , just as Einstein created the famous abstraction E=MC2. Where Attenborough fails Darwin and fails science , is that he does not ascribe any law of relationship regards human society. He merely asserts the crudest social theories of Malthus , and thus reduces the whole history of human development to 'social Darwinism'.

    What we know of climate change is that it reflects and expresses all the classical hallmarks of capitalist production, just as does all the plastic in the oceans . They are both the byproduct of an anarchic system that is simply concerned to maximise profit and to hell with the rest and all its consequences.

    Attenborough had a great opportunity to challenge Barack Obama but completely pulled his punches instead . The President of ''change you can believe in'' who not only oversaw the greatest transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich in American history , but who exponentially increased the American war machine and spent the whole 2 terms of his presidency at war for US oil.

    Instead these 2 'celebrates' fawned over each other , and stroked each others ego's in full view of millions . Not a jot of any worth about climate change and Obama's absolutely reactionary record on it .

    To be truly credible, you need to say the word ''Capitalism'' Attenborough . Stop sitting on your class fence.

  40. It's really sad to see this once-great man succumb to the nonsense of global catastrophe. One must wonder at his reasons – money or ignorance?
    His years of wonderful programmes suggest that ignorance is not a reason. This makes the whole thing more than sad

  41. Something else is going on when the powers that be purposely allow our air, water, food, building materials, fertilizers, etc. to make us sick and ultimately kill us. If they were so concerned about climate change, wouldn't they start with those? I have yet to hear a politician talk against the harm done by plastics. I have yet to hear one talk against all the things we buy that don't last nearly as long as those made years ago … most of which ends up in the dump with only a percentage of it truly being recycled. All smoke and mirrors. The climate may be changing, but they're using climate change to further some their agenda. Once again, the "human resources" are being herded where we don't want to go.

  42. David Attenborough keeps telling us that there are just too many humans on the planet, and he is spot on, yet no one wants to deal with the actual problem. Simply raising awareness that by procreating you are not doing the future generation or the planet any favours would be a start.

  43. China grows emissions by the equivalent 1 UK economy every 2 years. So if UK cut 100% of emissions, China would offset that in 24 months. Putting a major tax on carbon in UK would just result in transfer of emissions to other jurisdictions.

  44. Hmm, Ok for even ten years is a bit plain sailing thinking, when the artic ice goes in 5 things will get significantly more disruptive

  45. when has the climate ever been stable, history shows it's been alot hotter and cooler than now , fear to create a new and heavy tax, wake up plzzzzzzzz

  46. Climate emergency? The real 'emergency' is there aren’t enough hospital rooms to put these nutcases. Why did we shut down the asylums? They're going to be needed again with all these daft climate wazzocks.

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