What is the Australian Constitution?

Whatcha doin’ Australia? Reading my Constitution. Yeah? Where’d you get that? (ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZAP) (Australia) January 1st, 1901. (Summer) Oh yeah. Yeah. It’s my national birthday. Actually, I’ve been home to people for over 65,000 years. Errr, then I was colonies for a little while. Then my Constitution made me a country. Anything good in it? Uh, it’s just rules and laws but separation
of powers is pretty cool. What’s that? Separation of powers separates the power. You’ve got the Executive.
– Hello! That’s the Prime Minister and Cabinet and
stuff. They come up with ideas for most of the new laws and implement them if they pass. (Australia) Parliament (BACKGROUND CHATTER). They vote on the new laws. That’s all the politicians. (Australia) The Judicial Branch. They’re judges. They decide if laws have been broken (GAVELS BANG) or are unconstitutional. (Summer) How do they decide that? (Australia) Using my Constitution! (Summer) It looks a bit patchy (BUZZING) (FART NOISE) (Australia) Well times change you know. Bits have been added, bits have been taken out. But everyone has to vote on changes. It’s called a referendum. Can we make a Summer (TRUMPET FANFARE) is the Queen of Australia law? Nah, the Parliament and the judges would be like: That’s not going to happen Because of the Constitution? Yeah That’s probably fair. I gotta go Australia. Thanks for the hang. Later.

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