What will happen if there is a hung parliament?

What will happen if there is a hung parliament?

Well what might be very interesting is if
there is a hung parliament. The assumption that many people seem to be
making is that if there is a hung parliament it will be one in which the
Conservative Party have just over 300 votes but not 330. 305 or 300 something like that. and that the Labour
Party would be the second biggest party with something between 250 and 300 and
then you’re looking then that the important kingmakers in both the Liberal
Democrat Party and in the Scottish National Party and it will be
interesting to what extent particularly the Liberal Democrats might say to
senior people in the Labour Party we would be prepared to enter into some
sort of an arrangement with you but only if you change your leader we do
not want to deal with Mr Corbyn. So they may or may not say that. Then it’s a
difficult choice for the senior people in the Labour Party do they decide that
they want to ditch their leader for the sake of gaining power and forming a
government or do they tell the Liberal Democrats that nobody but the Labour
Party decides who leads the Labour Party so clear off and that would be the
choice. So what is likely is not a coalition such as we had between 2010
and 2015. What would be likely if there is an attempt in a hung parliament by
the Labour Party to keep the Conservative Party out of power what
would be likely is that they seek to build an informal arrangement with other
parties and those other parties would probably have to include the Liberal
Democrat Party the Scottish National Party possibly the Democratic Unionist
Party who have been sounding far more middle-of-the-road in recent weeks
between Conservative and Labour so they might back a Labour government because
they’re very cross with what Mr Johnson did to them in his negotiations with the
EU and when they get cross they tend to be quite unforgiving


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