Yet Another Assault On Immigration: Senator Mazie Hirono | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Yet Another Assault On Immigration: Senator Mazie Hirono | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. I believe the underlining component is racist and they want to limit the education of legal refugees for fear that the refugee will become democratic and able to run for office such as congress and the senate. I believe the next thing will be that you can;t hold office unless and I mean any office unless you were born in the USA.

  2. El Paso shooters manifesto had same title as Al Gores book he was a leftist climate change moron like you p.o.s !

  3. White AMERICA has never been able to survive on it's own…most if not all has been built off the backs and with the hands of all and many different colors and races of imagrents again AMERICA in denial of it's history and facts!

  4. With high wage American workers taking the jobs only immigrants were willing to do at such low pay and Trump's tariff war against China, the U.S. economy is going to completely implode. You want to talk about gun violence, wait till employment drops to a record low and more angry people get desperate and frustrated. There are certain natural evils in the world that need to be in place to balance the natural order of things. Fear, racism and prejudice are the byproducts of those evils but those that fall in that category reap the benefits of the people they hate so much. Wait till that all changes. America is becoming the shithole.

  5. Trump has been employing illegal immigrants for decades, and illegally providing them with fake documents. Please arrest and fine him. Trump needs to be deported because his credit score is zero—no US bank would loan to him, and he's had 6 bankruptcies and dozens of failed businesses. He has cheated workers out of pay. He has cheated America out of $500 million in legal taxes. He would never pass his own " rules". Both he and Melania have problems even speaking English. Aloha!

  6. Am I the only one who remembers Ken Cuchinelli being one of the first and most vicious repubs in their open war against women?

  7. it's all good I'm glad Trump is doing the right thing And hirono is just another crybaby liberal.Love to see her party going down the tubes Trump in 2020 Case closed

  8. First of all, American blacks aren't going anywhere. We are U.S. citizens and have social security numbers to prove it so keep us off of your tongues. Back some 50 years ago, the immigrants shook hands with our leadership to block American blacks from survival. God saw this handshake and now both sides are slapping each other in the face and losing. The immigrants hoarded up around 90 percent of America's social services resources and let the blacks take the blame for tax dollars eaten away by IMMIGRANTS; not American blacks. They then tried to Genocide us in a hitleresque way by denying us work and then resources when we were starving and dying in the streets of America. That is until God stepped in by using Trump to stop this sponging of American workers tax dollars to stop our being systemically enslaved by this handshake. The sad thing is that you are still not sorry for what you tried to do to American citizens period. Your very arrogance is what's causing you to lose even now.

  9. Iam a legal citizen of Canada then why do the state's have to interfere in my life….why ???Why is my phone connected to some private media or individual in power …why ???

  10. You’re being ridiculous. For a hundred years, we’ve had a law on the books that prohibits allowing aliens to immigrate as public charges. All Trump did was define “public charge.” We have enough indigent people to support so I certainly don’t want to import more of them. If that means to you that our law is inconsistent with the language on the Statue of Liberty (which was a gift from France) and one must give way to the other, then strike the language off the pedestal.

  11. "Give us your rich and your white. (preferably from Norway) Don't listen to that giant green lady, she's a total loser!" -trump

  12. Why aren't the business owners, who employ known illegals, being arrested?
    Hummm, maybe because they are rich, white, friends of the president, and the president himself. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  13. We might as well tear down the statute of liberty and use her for scrap metal because thanks to Trump this country doesn't believe in liberty anymore unless you're white straight and christian.

  14. The next rule is that You have to invest in a Trump Property..You yanks are electing and following leaders who are completely rotten from the head down..

  15. Most things will change after Trump. Most people are more intelligent, and have a heart. Most people understand that our country needs more immigrants to grow our economy, support our aging population, and secure our country. The changes will be dramatic. I would be surprised and disdained if the SDNY and the New York Attorney General does't follow up on all of Trump and his families' crimes.

  16. The quote on the Statue of Liberty was given as an Award to help pay for the base of the structure. Emma Lazarus won the Award for her poem to help fund the money needed to fund the base of the Statue.
    The Statue of Liberty is to honor the concept of Liberty (just as it says) around the World and hopefully inspire other countries to pursue Liberty.

  17. Was it payday or close to payday for the immigrants caught up in these raids? Are the people who are hiring these immigrants working with ICE to deport these refugees just before it is time to pay them? Since those who hire these people are never punished in any way, sounds like another racket by the rich to cheat and exploit the poor.

  18. Norwegians don't want to immigrate to America anymore…Norway beats us in every single major index: Healthcare, Education, Low Crime, Life Expectancy, and Overall Happiness.

  19. Why didn't ICE arrest the poultry farm owners? Without these workers, the state of Mississippi will implode… OR maybe ICE just wants to go back each Sunday and make new arrests!

  20. What can the democrat party do to bring more people into the country who don't know the Constitution or what socialism really is? That is what this is, Welcome, come to our nanny state. Propaganda networks spewing this Anti American garbage trot out Communist idiots like Hirono to do their bidding. You won't win this war.

  21. Cuccinelli doesn't want to take down the plaque on the Statue of Liberty, of course not! …what he wants to do, at the direction of his boss, good ol' pResident tRump, is to add a little more text at the end of the plaque: " ….jk, LOL!" Nice job of destroying the foundations of our great country, tRump & Co.

  22. My fiance is freaking out with worry, we had to get snap for over a year, because we have a child. It scares me to think my son could grow up without his dad or that we would have all move to the Philippines. Trump, his cult members, and the republicans are so full of hate.

  23. This emotional warfare guilt trip wont work on me..i lost my constructiThison job to illegals. Security guard jobs too. Now i have to go at.37 to learn IT tech. I voted for Trump in 2016. 2020 im voting for trump again. Make America Great again MAGA 2020

  24. President anchor baby, the man born of a Nazi escapee immigrant and a Scottish prostitute telling people around the world just who is going to be allowed inside the country. Obviously Trump has a Hitler complex, Hitler being of Jewish descent denounced and imprisoned, later killing his own people.

  25. Perhaps Mr "Cuchinelli" should look to his own past and the origins of his own family and the history of the wonderful Italian community in general.

    We all have a history. The world is diverse. Let's embrace our diversity

  26. I wonder how much Melanie's parents paid "The Drumpf" in order to 'fast-track' their 14 day Path To Citizenship into America… and how much in "Dead Presidents" they brought with them, in their quest for Asylum Seeking endeavors, while fleeing Russia?

  27. Notice that the El Paso and Dayton shootings aren't being talked about, Massacre Mitch refusing to recall the Senate to debate and vote on the 9 gun bills he's been holding up isn't being mentioned. And it's keeping Epstein out of the news. Coincidence?

  28. CBS News, MSNBC, CNN, NBC, ABC, NYT are Liars, Idiots + Fools. Run – don't walk away from the Democratic Propaganda Machine. Support Trump 2020!

  29. It ain`t about your color ,, its that you have these laws or requirements ,, meet that , come on in , why is that an issue ,

  30. When the statue of liberty was built, there was no mass welfare program. Come here poor, with an opportunity to use your talents to your advantage.

  31. "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

  32. Allowing people to apply for immigration at the border is nuts. Most other countries only accept visa applications at their consulate or embassy. Why are we even having this discussion? If I applied for a residence visa at the border of Mexico, Thailand, India, Saudi Arabia: they would laugh at me.
    We should stop accepting application at the board and simply require immigrants to apply at the consulate or embassy in the home country. This is a simple, practical, solution.

  33. I am not at all a Trump supporter, but when he made that nasty s..t hole comment, he did say something about why not people from the Asian countries because they were good for the economy. Later on, he added the Norwegian part. A friend sent me the whole transcript of what he said. It was then that I realized that all media is biased and dishonest. Although I do think President Trump is a racist, the media does edit things to make him look a lot more racist. People kept saying what he said about Norway, but not what he said about immigrants from Asian countries.

  34. Trump only wants the "investing immigrant" to be allowed in. Those are the people who can provide capital into his projects – the golf clubs, condo purchases, apartment building ventures.

    The wealthy Chinese and Russians are favorites. So are the rich from the Middle East.

    The investor gets to bring a spouse and all minor children into the US under permanent resident status with an option to fast track to citizenship, all at the US taxpayer's cost.

    Trump wants to take away the piddling amount of VISAs for the non rich and use them for the rich – regardless of how they got their money or how much they believe in Democracy or what criminal gang or crime family they represent.

    And the ironic part is the jobs "created" or "saved" don't have to last for more than a few years and the workers don't even have to be US citizens or pay union-level wages!

    It's become a big ripoff and the Trumps have used it a lot. That is why Trump wants to cut out VISAs for ordinary immigrants, regardless of how smart or talented or hard working they might be. It's always the money, and nothing else and no one else counts.

    Rich people don't pay their fair share of taxes. After Trump's giveaway to the wealthy the deficits every year have been ruinous. Next year we will add another trillion to the national debt, which under Trump has passed our annual GDP. That means we will owe more than the entire nation produces in an entire year.

    Remember this happened by the hands of Republicans – Republicans passed the tax handouts and then went crazy with the credit card, spending hundreds of billions – but on what no one seems to really know.

    Welcome to the land governed by the con man, exploiter in chief.

  35. The cultish “Fellowship Foundation” is a christian, fascist, Hitler loving monstrosity with tentacles stretching from C street in D.C. to the heart of Moscow. Their goal is to dominate the world. To get a closer look, check out, “The Family”, on NetFlix. It will blow your mind.

  36. The assault is on Middle-Class Patriots.

    Lets talk about California democrats voting twice in at least the 2016 and 2018 Federal Elections.

  37. Dems are the ones assaulting immigrants by encouraging immigrants to be freeloaders and by encouraging illegal border crossings.

  38. Outlaw. When did the New Yorkers or New Jersians gave him authority to change something so treasured to the American people?

    That guy should get fired. It's illegal for racists to serve in public office. I heard that many years ago.

  39. About 100% of MSNBC's audience don't know where that plaque comes from, where it is, who wrote it and why. Mazie Hirono doesn't care either.
    "The message of the plaque", a poem inside the pedestal of the statue written for a public radio contest to pay for it (the pedestal. not the statue) (France sent a statue but NY City was too broke to pay for a pedestal), placed there more than 20 years after is not " the message of the statue.
    The Statue Of Liberty is the symbol of Light (the torch she's carrying) and Liberty from an oppressive Government. On the book she's holding you can read "July IV MDCLCXXVI". July 4, 1776. The Declaration Of Independence Day.
    The Statue is facing outward. Toward the other countries. So the light will be brought to the other countries as well. The people of the other countries will, them too, break free from their oppressive Governments and have their own Constitution, have their own Independence.
    The Statue is absolutely not the symbol of PEOPLE COMING HERE to have liberty but the symbol of LIBERTY SPREADING ALL AROUND THE WORLD.
    The level of cluelessness shown by our elected Officials, TV pundits and Journalists is seriously concerning. This is basic ABC American History stuff. They either don't know any of this or they are working really hard to avoid any of it in their articles.
    I don't know which is worse.

  40. "Now that the illegal migrants are finally gone, the local hillbillies can get back those great paying chicken factory jobs that had been literally 'stolen' from them! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!"

  41. "No Worries." Just vote Democrat and you'll be welcomed with open arms. Also, free healthcare, road to citizenship, ETC!ETC!ETC!

  42. This administration's immigration policy is not surprising. They are aligning new policies that discriminate against poor immigrants with existing policies that discriminate against poor citizens. Gee, what a surprise … !

  43. We cannot be the world's welfare office anymore. The last time I looked that Statue of Liberty plague was NOT a law. This work on this policy began under President Clinton.

  44. Let me make this clear I am a 57 year old Republican I have no problem with "immigration" I know them, worked with them and are friends with them. I have nothing against immigration. My problem, along with about 70 percent of the country, is with Illegal immigration.
    See the left want to conflate them then try to say how Bad Trump is, how racist. If you come here legal great, come here illegal go home (oops did I say that)

  45. Oh snap. I'm poor. Better start a dictatorship that makes my country pour and not me. Although I know Europe can't hold all people either, and that some trouble makers don't pass the jail test. Too bad Europe has a history part though I'm not proud of, other than 'we didn't know better'. I am proud though of everything whatever positive, in that it doesn't really matter. (What.) I hope you feel rich. That's my main goal. Maybe then you have something to offer me.

  46. Everytime the Democrats bring up the words of the statue of liberty, they keep forgetting the imigrants that came back in the great years, they did not just come for handouts, they wanted to excell.
    That is what we have happening now give me give free stuff because we deserve it.

  47. The San Jose Mercury News (left-wing rag).
    Daniel Borenstein, May 13th, 2019.
    Borenstein: State ignoring that Californians are voting twice

    Its printed….in English so have someone read it for you.

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