You Told Me | Gun Safety | Ad Council

You Told Me | Gun Safety | Ad Council

Girl 1: You told me not to talk to strangers. Girl 2: You told me not to cross the street
without looking both ways. Boy 1: You told me not to touch the stove. Girl 3: You told me not to do drugs. Girl 4: You told me not to drink and drive. Announcer VO: You gave me so many messages
about how to stay safe. Sound FX: Gun shot
Super: Why? Announcer VO: Why didn’t you keep me safe
by properly storing your gun? Super: 4.6 million children live in homes
with access to an unlocked or unsupervised gun. Super: Family fire is a shooting involving
an improperly stored or misused gun found in the home, resulting in death or injury. Super: Make your home safer at


  1. I make sure my kids learn how to responsibly handle a gun not be afraid to use it bc if they are afraid to use it then what’s going to happen if I’m not home and they are while the house is getting robbed it’s the parents responsibility to make sure that their children are continually trained so let’s not make having a gun in the house being the issue just blame the negligence for the parents who don’t take the steps in teaching gun safety

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