YouTube Live Streaming London Westminster Parliament Update

Ladies and gentleman boys and girls welcome
to London this afternoon was is a sombre afternoon here in London now I know many of my viewers
are from all around the world not just here in London so for those of you not keeping
up to date with current affairs global current affairs let me wait for this ambulance to
go past for those of you not keeping up with global current affairs this afternoon there
was breaking news that an attack had taken place on the British houses of parliament
which are just down here a suspected attack I looked at Police reports just before I turned
on the camera and they were saying that four people had died one of which was a police
officer inside the grounds of the Houses of Parliament and at least twenty people had
been injured what I thought I would do is share with you
I guess the live reality what you will see what I have seen on the news is often quite
sensational and sadly I’ve lived through a number of these and the aftermath is usually
pretty similar and that is people going about there day to day lives which is a necessity
but I guess in a quiet more quiet more subdued manner and that is what is happening tonight
you can hear its pretty quiet people just walking about I guess reflecting on what has
happened and I guess for a lot of people thinking there for the grace of god go I but yeah the
streets are I’am heading towards Westminster the streets are a little quiet I’ll show you
a lot of police I’am not sure how close I’ll be able to get to Westminster The Palace of
Westminster I understand it is still on lock down there is helicopters above a lot of London
will be on lock down I think the MP’s were locked in for hours and locked into Westminster
Abbey over the road and that will probably stay like that for some time but I’ll see
how far we can get down here and maybe cut across in to St James park and down to Embankment
now obviously you’ll have access if your watching this live you’ll have access to breaking news
breaking events so let me know if anything goes on and I need to turn around rather than
walking further into the eye of the storm yeah a lot of the roads are closed hopefully
I can get down to where the news crews are because the news crews won’t have any greater
access than anyone else and I can share with you the three hundred and sixty degree view
of what is going on because they tend to be stationary with their own narrative lets see
if I can read some of these comments they go quite quickly but yeah let me know if anything
weird happens I’am pretty confident it won’t like I say I’ve lived through quite a number
of similar events and unfortunately I’am sure by the morning London will dust itself off
again be quite reflective but I’am sure the news right now is painting a picture of panic
and fear which as you can see doesn’t exist sadness and I guess for people that maybe
are visiting might be a little bit scared but sadly I lived with this all my life helicopters
up above right we are heading down to Westminster Abbey is in front of me the London Eye in
front of me presumably a police cordon somewhere can I get comments up on this pushing buttons
here this is only my second live broadcast and I’am not entirely sure how it functions
but yeah I’ll keep on heading down here see how close we can get to the Palace of Westminster
I’ll show you Big Ben you can just about see it you can see Westminster Abbey in front
of me and you can I’ll show you OK Bridge Street closed OK can you make it out there
Big Ben in the distance is The London Eye obviously these phones are rubbish but yeah
still a lot of people on the streets I bet there are a lot of tourists here who still
have no idea whats going on because obviously if your in a foreign country you won’t necessarily
have access to WiFi on your phones and you know twenty four hour a day media access so
there probably still a lot of people here completely oblivious to events which is not
a bad thing hopefully they are enjoying there holiday none the wiser yeah it looks like
the cordon is just here OK so this is I guess I’am at the police cordon here which is in
front of palace of well no Westminster Abbey you can nowhere closer to The House of Parliament
so you can see there a line of police I’am going to head down into St James park from
what I heard earlier they had evacuated some of I think they evacuated The Palace of Westminster
and people were in put into Westminster Abbey I guess they are trying to piece together
what happened lets head down here if I can go around maybe if some of the other bridges
are open I can get onto one of the bridges and we will take a look down the river I don’t
know how long these live streams can go on for it is quite a way or how much patience
you’ve got walking the streets of London there is no pause and no editing are here we go
loads of comments the pub is still popular considering how close
we are no stopping people going to the boozer they might evacuate the area but it is very
difficult to evacuate the pub OK right on the edge of it here a police cordon there
police everywhere The houses of Parliament just down there I’ll walk down here OK I don’t
know if you can hear I don’t know how good the sound is on this phone helicopters buzzing
past more police cordons up there not that you can probably see them in the dark this
is actually a really dark part of London it is lit by gas lamps I think I’am not sure
if we are technically in one of the Royal parks here St James park is that but yeah
check out these lamps its not going to help with you being able to see my face I’ll show
you a lot of the Royal Parks including St James park are still lit by gas still in the
Victorian era there I guess it is up to the Royal Parks are owned by the the Monarch The
Queen so that one is electric you can tell the difference and then there is a gas one
I guess the Queen needs to upgrade or maybe not right I think this is the back of Downing
Street you really can’t see me know but yeah fill me in I think that is the behind me there
is the back end of I guess Downing Street number ten The Prime Ministers house although
I would imagine she is nicely ensconced down there in MI5 check it out it is dark hey it
is nothing to do with this camera it is the gas lamps no electric street lighting here
you can tell the difference I’ll show you this gas lamp see the gas there and then you
can see the statue up lit by electricity gas electricity yeah when we get back out onto
a normal road which doesn’t have these gas lamps you’ll be able to see me it is definitely
a little bit quieter I don’t mean in terms of the amount of people I just mean people
walking around about there business a little bit quieter like I said earlier sadly I’ve
been here in London for a few of these such attacks some far worse and the mood afterwards
is always sombre not as the news portray it as mass panic we are walking back into electric
street lighting from the gas now check it out gas the modern world and electric street
lighting you can see me yeah not the mass fear and panic and despair that the news right
now will be portraying twenty four hours a day its really sadness OK I’ll walk out on
to the Mall here this does look pretty quiet helicopters above no cars so I guess there
is a lot of road closures just cyclists probably pretty good for the cyclists this evening
they can enjoy there commute home for once OK we are on the Mall Buckingham Palace is
down there turn around yeah Buckingham Palace normally I’d get flattened doing this walking
straight across the road no cars this is normally a really busy road all I’ve got to do is watch
out for the bikes yeah check it out OK head through here you’ve got Trafalgar square in
front of us and then I will head back back I’ll head down to the river I’am not sure
where the police cordon extends to from The Palace of Westminster but I’am guessing somewhere
along the Victoria Embankment I would have thought Embankment tube station would be open
so maybe we can walk down here and get to Embankment I’am still in the middle of the
road I’ll get out of the road OK the roads are open again here we should get a the road
is closed down there as you can see the Houses of Parliament down there OK it looks open
down towards Embankment maybe I will walk down Villiers Street the road is definitely
closed to cars though so is Trafalgar Square Trafalgar Square looks the quietest I’ve seen
it lets cross the road before we go down to Embankment I’ve not seen this so quiet for
a long time is that a car it looks like there is a car outside the the National Gallery
yeah you don’t normally see police cars parked there OK I’ve made it to Charing Cross station
I’ll head down Villiers Street and we will go and take a look at the river I can I can’t
keep up with the comments they are scrolling so fast and they are mainly spouting religious
hatred by the looks of things wow that was pretty close to that bus there OK check out
Villiers Street its still got the Christmas lights up the smell of food is incredible
down here a lot of the restaurants actually look pretty quiet this evening I guess a few
people have decided to get home as quickly as possible when events like this happen you
never really know how it going to effect public transport but considering public transport
can be challenging at the best of times any disruption just puts pressure on the system
so I guess people will try and get home as quickly as possible we are nearly down by
the river let me know in the comments below is this
what you expected on the streets this evening more busier quieter more panic the streets
look open down here I’ll pop through Embankment Station we will be right on the river bank
that is better day light right the river yeah the authorities have this thing that put police
at all the stations after events like this the road is closed down there check it out
I wonder if I can get on that I wonder if I can get on this side of the bridge the road
closure looks like it is well you can see after the bridge but it is whether I can get
on the steps but yeah this is the edge of the cordon this evening yeah it looks like
the bridge is open this side which means we can get a good view it will be super windy
up here so you might not be able to hear me but we can get a good view along the river
to the The Palace of Westminster Big Ben and Westminster bridge the scene of the incident
earlier today check out the views OK the road is closed OK the queen Elizabeth Bridge even
the river looks closed you’ve got boats with police blues blue lights flashing on them I would say it is really quite quiet
and peaceful obviously there is so much less background noise because of the roads being
shut no traffic that is a normally busy road down there normally just heard that person
walking past apparently they are letting the MP’s out now they have been in there since
about two or three O’Clock this afternoon locked it well earlier they could have done
Brexit by now couldn’t they I bet they haven’t there is quite a few bars and restaurants
in there they would have considered it an inappropriate time to do business you can
guarantee it this is a long live stream only my second go probably learn quite a lot from
this one lets see how if I walk across the bridge a helicopter buzzing above I think
there is people walking right underneath the London eye but the police cordon must extend
somewhere down there because at the end of that is steps up to Westminster Bridge itself
this YouTube live thing is going to be quite useful for YouTube news real news rather than
normal YouTube news which is all about drama and other YouTuber’s you will be able to see
live what is going on around the world now and Jazz saxophone news crews there they are always stationary
they need mobile phones they do have better lighting though the guys face more news crews
here I need a better phone iPhone 5s is not cutting it for this live feed the other thing
is I’am not really speaking much because whatever I say like today’s events are tragic whatever
I say will just be perceived as well people will put there own I can already see people
putting there own agendas first the comments that are flashing through in terms of religion
politics whatever you say in these circumstances will just be people will hijack it for their
own agendas hopefully it has just given you a look around London this evening check it
out below the London eye the police cordon starts here the entrance to Westminster the
steps to Westminster bridge are just down there check it out right below the London
Eye it has stopped deserted cool huh OK guys how long have we been going for forty minutes
not a lot of banter either yeah most people will have given up by now I can see all the
arguments going on about religion and politics people will bang on about that for eternity
maybe I should just stand outside the houses of parliament everyday and do live broadcasts
I’ll earn more than an MP OK right I think I’am going to call it an evening there the
news crews are still at it yeah that is me I’am live hello how are you did you know I
was live I’am in the middle of a life broadcast you watch the channel it is good to meet you
I’am going to crack on with this now you can watch this soon and you sorry about what happened
up there earlier meeting viewers live OK yeah I think I’am going to call it a night and
head up on the bridge I’ll give you a final view of Westminster Big Ben lets go great
views huh what was I saying down there a lot of those news crews down there were from different
countries in different languages I guess they get the shot of Big Ben from up here and down
there sorry great views good back drop OK right I’am going to call it a night here
opposite Big Ben and the London Eye how long have we been going for now forty five minutes
that is long enough hey but yeah not a lot of talking because whatever I say I’ll just
get bombarded with comments about how insensitive it was I can already see the arguments scrolling
up not even with what I’am saying or doing just amongst each other but yeah people will
just put there when events like this happen people will just I guess put there own agendas

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